May. 9th, 2009 02:47 pm
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Holiday was amazing, but I'm now tired and feeling down. There's very little food in the house, including no milk, but I can't face walkiing down to the shops. Currently uploading all the photos. If anyone does want to sit through hundreds of photos, let me know. Otherwise I'll post something up later.
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Back soon. Once we're on the plane, we can calm down!


May. 1st, 2009 07:05 pm
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I drew a person! I feel this is a real achievment. It's not amazing, I find arms really difficult, and I didn't try hands, but it's a start. Haven't yet managed faces though.


That's Saffon's courtesan outfit.

Long weekend and holiday on Tuesday. Yay.
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I am allergic to fibre shedding. Thus things made with fur or velvet get right up my nose. Guess what all the current cosplays are made of...

Pretty fabric is pretty, but should be left alone until earlier costumes are complete.

I've been distracted by Tales of the World recently, but getting my ass handed to me by Lloyd and then Reid made me retreat to the cosplay room. Instead of working on Amy, who is for May Expo, I instead decided to cut up my velvet from Shepards Bush and make a start on Steampunk Zephyr and Amari. Amari is going well, I've just got to hem the jacket, and I've made a start on the underbodice. I still need to find some two-tone taffeta that I like. I managed to fail to buy enough blue velvet for the frock coat, so I'll have to look to making cuffs and cape out of a different colour.

Mike's party on Saturday was awesome, though it did feel very much like being 18 again: the music, the location, the atmosphere was just as I remembered. Didn't really like most of the music, but I was in the mood for dancing, so I did. The Bon Jovi set was good, though. Also good to see Lex, Jake, Kaka and Nia again.

On that note, can anyone put me and Joe up in London, on Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th of May? We'd love to go to Nia's party, but we fly in from Iceland on the Friday. I don't think we'd cope well with going back to Bath, then back to London, but if someone had a floor to lend us, we'd definitely be up for it.

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Apr. 26th, 2009 11:46 am
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88 entries, about 70 of those between midnight and 1 am.

*shakes head*

Good variety too, which is going to make it hard to free up spaces. No Death Note cosplayers, only 1 Naruto and 2 Bleach cosplay entries.

Right. I'm stepping away from the laptop and awaiting Ilpala to mock me mercilessly for being online until 3 am after Mike's awesome bday bash.

GG says...

Apr. 25th, 2009 10:39 am
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Registration for the London Expo Masquerade should be going live at midnight tonight...
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The photographer was amazing. He was very quick, very smooth: he told you what to do and then took the photo instantly, not trying to hold poses. I really liked not having to think of poses, something I always struggle with. Anyway, very beautiful photos under the cut. Let me know what you think.

Photoshoot )
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Or the distinct lack of. The weather was fantastic, sunny and bright, and if Bath hadn't been so miserable I wouldn't have taken my coat.

Saturday )

Sunday )

Back home, as usual these things go far too quickly, so must be repeated again soon. I know Bath's not as exciting as London, but people are quite welcome here, to return the favour. Just waiting for Joe to come back from Kitacon.
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When we last left the party, they were tied up and being taken away to their fates by a group of paladins for the crime of, well, possibly expecting paladins to have a sense of humour. The only one still free was Bandez, the bard. He's the party's brains, moral compass (although not everyone is keen on following it) and so strong he can almost swim across river without drowning. And currently the party's only hope of keeping their heads attached to their necks.

On with the story... )

Finally, they made their way out of the city and Bandez revealed he was their saviour.
Talia - "You shaved off your beard for us?"
Charles - "You're a woman?"
Bandez chased Esselt around with a sap for a bit, and Charles hit him properly, but they were all too tired and hungry to really kill each other. Apart from Bandez, they have lost all their weapons, their horses (bye bye One Gold Piece) and any equipment they weren't carrying. But Castle Barrel is their next destination, so everything will be fine once they get there, right?

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I've been doing these over my lunch breaks. HB pencil and notebook probably not the best materials, and they didn't scan in very well. All done off photos so not terribly impressive, but see what you think. I like the leema best.

Otter, Leema and Tree-chicken... )
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It hasn't hit me yet, largely I think because I haven't come down from the high of the weekend yet. I still can't move my arms properly from the Taiko drumming workshop, but the pain was utterly worth it. Two things are also helping keep it at bay:

1) More cosplay plans.
Firstly I'm going to go through my cosplay room and old cosplays and put a load up in the loft to clear out room (currently I have two full wardrobes). Then I can get started on my next ones. I have SC4 Amy to finish (need to find more eylets. More I say!) and get started on Kirara (big form). Yep, fursuit for August, clever me. I also want to do some steampunk costumes, probably orginial charecters. I was sketching designs at work, and I think I know what I want to do clothes wise, but will need some help with punking them up.

2) London meetup.
Really looking forward to getting to see people again so soon, especially without the stress of a masqurade in the middle of it. If you can get to London, please do. My train gets in around 10.15, and I'd like to go to Shepards Bush at some point. The Koei lot are in Tokyo Toys, so will have to head down there in the afternoon. If anyone knows a good place in London to crash with copious amounts of food and maybe a bar, that would be good. Sunday, GunstarVixen and I are getting made over at 11.00, then I'm around until 6 when the train takes me home again.

(I've adjusted some of the photos on the earlier entry btw, because they didn't match the captions.)
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Minami continues to be one of the best weekends of the year. It's maybe a shame it's so early in the year for that reason, but what can you do? Try to live the rest of the year in the Minami spirit, that's what. So, in the name of friendship, bad puns and fantastic costumes, I give you my Minami con report!

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )
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That went far, far too quick. Can we do it again this weekend?

Photos on this post. I'll write a con report at some point. Currently I haven't even got dressed yet, let alone unpacked and cleaned the house. I must do these things before I start on my next cosplay projects!

Friday... )

Saturday )

The Wessex Slayers photoshoot... )

Sunday... )
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Dammit! Not to be taking my con hours away from me :(

Nearly there, just a a few bits of hand sewing left, but I can do those and be social (or at worst in the car) and I'm half packed. Mini Pre-Minami party happening tonight to get us in the mood, should be good.

Good luck to those still finishing, and safe journey to anyone travelling today.
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Lots of cosplay done yesterday, so I'm nearly done. Sorted out Jayce's boots, which involved repeated finger burning from the glue gun, and did his wig. I can't find my hairspray, so it's unstyled, but there shouldn't be too much to do, just give it a bit more shape. Current to do list is:

Put elastic in Jayce's waistband (quite important that!) - not sure I have any elastic.
Put elastic under boot covers - see above.
Stick on 3 red bits
Put elastic on two pairs of boot covers
Make belt for Jayce
Style wig.

I can get that all done easily today (and tomorrow for the bits I need to pick up), meaning I may get to finish the other two I was planning, as most of the sewing is done. I was going to put up progress pictures, but as it's so close, you can just wait until Minami.

One dilemma I have is I don't know when to wear Sora. It will either be Friday afternoon, or Saturday morning / lunchtime. Now, I'd really like to get as many people as possible to see it. Vain, I know, but I am really proud of the costume. Pros and cons below.

Friday: Timing awkward as it needs to be late enought that people have arrived, but before the party starts. Would involve either changing from one cosplay to Sora, or not putting on She-ra until after I'm done with Sora.

Saturday morning: Not many people are up and if they are they are in the dealers queue. Does mean I can wear Sora and then get changed into the day's cosplay.

Saturday afternoon: Will mean getting changed from one cosplay to another (though possibly convient as I'd have to get changed for the masuerade anyway). Might interfer with something that I want to go to. More people likely to be around.

Opinions greatly appriciated.
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Yeah, last night was one of those sessions that required the GM to leave the room and go and make coffee with a notepad as she worked out what to do. Sometimes, I can leave the party to it and they'll occupy themselves for an entire session and I can just sit back and laugh (and occationly beat down on them with NPCs). Sometimes, however, they make me think very carefully and very quickly when they do something really special.

I really wasn't expecting this... )

After the session, there was talk of the worst possible rescue party Bandez could arrive with. Ralph and Ged were mentioned, but Marcus decided that the worst one would be a group of battlebards led by Zephyr and if that was his only means of escape then Esselt would choose to stay in his cell.
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Happy Anniversary my love.
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This weekend was Leena's surprise birthday party. As having a mountain of party food in the house would have given the surprise away somewhat, Joe and I were given the important mission of bringing food to the party. Unfortunately, plan hit a snag when we got as far as Oldfield park to pick up Josh and had to stop the car because it was hitting 3000 revs in neutral. Not knowing what this meant, we called out the AA. AA man advised it could ever be the brains of the car, or a tiny little switch. Fortunately turned out that tiny little switch was a little rusty and a quick spray of oil was all that was needed. Unfortunately the delay meant that the food arrived after Leena, but at least we had a valid excuse for turning up to the surprise party after the guest.

Continued under a friendly cut... )

Don't want to go to work today, but weekend was epic and awesome.
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Two things:

1 - Just read the Minamicon report. As well as all the ususual goodness there is okonomiyaki and taiko drumming. Awesome! Cannot wait! Ralph reminded me that it's traditional to set off from the House of Lovely, so if people would like to do so, let me know. I can cook breakfast if required, and people can crash over on thursday night if they want to start the con early / join in with some frantic last minute sewing :)

2- Joe and I have booked our first proper foreign holiday together. We're going whale watching in Iceland. Hopefully we will get to see humpbacks, and there are also minkie and two species of dolphin in the area. Then we've got a day in the national park, looking at geysers, waterfalls and going caving. Does of course mean I have to get on a plane, but it's only a two hour flight, so I should be okay.
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This one has pictures of Bristol Zoo taken on Saturday. Not terribly amazing ones, and none of the sloths or armadillos. I did finally get to see the sugar-glider, which has eludided me on previous visits. The bats appear to have given birth recently as several of them had small bats attached to their bellies. Not that you could see them, as none of them ever showed you more than their backs. You could just see little extra feet.

Photos below the cut... )


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