Mar. 31st, 2009

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It hasn't hit me yet, largely I think because I haven't come down from the high of the weekend yet. I still can't move my arms properly from the Taiko drumming workshop, but the pain was utterly worth it. Two things are also helping keep it at bay:

1) More cosplay plans.
Firstly I'm going to go through my cosplay room and old cosplays and put a load up in the loft to clear out room (currently I have two full wardrobes). Then I can get started on my next ones. I have SC4 Amy to finish (need to find more eylets. More I say!) and get started on Kirara (big form). Yep, fursuit for August, clever me. I also want to do some steampunk costumes, probably orginial charecters. I was sketching designs at work, and I think I know what I want to do clothes wise, but will need some help with punking them up.

2) London meetup.
Really looking forward to getting to see people again so soon, especially without the stress of a masqurade in the middle of it. If you can get to London, please do. My train gets in around 10.15, and I'd like to go to Shepards Bush at some point. The Koei lot are in Tokyo Toys, so will have to head down there in the afternoon. If anyone knows a good place in London to crash with copious amounts of food and maybe a bar, that would be good. Sunday, GunstarVixen and I are getting made over at 11.00, then I'm around until 6 when the train takes me home again.

(I've adjusted some of the photos on the earlier entry btw, because they didn't match the captions.)


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