May. 17th, 2009

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Nice lot of social events have just about got me over post holiday downer. Thursday was pre-birthday celebrations with Alex and Marcus, while Friday was actual celebrations with more people that there was room for in the Wetherspoons. (Not helped by the fact that all three big booths were being occupied by couples. Wankers.) Still, we got one in the end and just about managed to sqeeze round - Marcus has too many friends! Saturday was an evening of watching Soul Eater with Wessex. I'd spent the afternoon doing Amy's wig, so by the time people came round I was pretty high on the fumes.

Amy is largely ready to do. I have to buy and attach the roses to the wig, and make the chocker, plus sort out suitable holdups. I think I'll leave the boots until Aya, not because I don't have time, but because wearing anything but the most comfy shoes will kill me. The wig isn't purfect, but it't not bad, considering I've never really attempted anything like that before. The spirals sit a bit closer to the head than they should but I couldn't see how to make them stay in shape otherwise, not without making complex structures and I didn't really have time to get into that. I was lucky enough to find Tresemme hairspray on offer in town, so I shouldn't run out for a while.

Good luck to all those finishing exams, doing coursework or desperately sewing. I'll hopefully catch many of you at expo. The docklands is out, so I imagine we won't be far from the expo center all weekend.


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