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Right, before Ame I have to do the following:

- Sort out any damage done to the trench coat at London Expo. I think I have to let out a couple of seams, as I made it a bit too tight to be comfortable walking around in, apparently. Shouldn't be too much trouble, as I made the thing smaller to fit better after I'd done all the lining.
- Either repair the trousers or find a suitable pair in a charity shop to replace them.
-Put the sholder bits on the trench coat and embroider the lines up the front.
-Finish the insignia embroidery, edge with binding and attach to shoulder.

- Sort out the flouncing on the bottom.
- Decide if I need a petticoat and make if neccessary.
- Sort out some shoes.

- Trousers. I think I'll just check Mach's look okay, as I have not been able to find anything quite suitable for making them out of, and this will save me a lot of work.
- Make head piece.

- Make pantie-things.
- Sort out cloak (Chacha's may be suitable).
- Make head piece.
- Make studded bits.
- Arm and thigh guards

- Finish top.
- Try pvc gloves (if not I have Mili's to borrow.)

Secret project
- Finish head.
- Finish jacket - needs more binding dammit.
- Find suitable t-shirt or make.
- Find material for cloak.

Then there's check on the status of any other costumes I want to bring - was thinking of maybe Chacha, as I believe that's all in resonable shape, and maybe Chiito.

Failed to finish anything this weekend. Tried to finish Alice's dress, but got pissed off with the floucing on the bottom. It's all done other than that, bar a petticote if I decide it needs one. It should be okay without.

I think I've picked up a virus, as I've been feeling run down all week. It's not enough to make me actually ill, but I've been tired and achey constantly, and dizzy and queasy intermittantly. It's really starting to piss me off, as it's really affecting my motivation to do anything. I also have tell myself to eat, because I have not been hungry since about monday last week. Which is really odd.

Borrowed Ravin' Rabbids from someone at work - sucked horribly at it. It's a very special game, but not for me I think.
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Have been busy this weekend.

I have now finished Kyoko's shorts and jacket, and almost finished the top, I just need a new zip after I broke the other one. I gave yp on trying to stich the hems on, the pvc was too sticky. Fortuantely glue-gun saved the day. I was also grateful that the jacket has no sleeves, because that could have been fun. That just leaves her pvc gloves. Yeah, I'm not sure about them either.

Alice's ballgown is down, apart from hemming the bottom. This is because I ran out of thread. The sleeves were awkward, and involved a lot if standing in front of a mirror and trying to pin sleeves to the dress and not stab myself in the boob in the process. Still, all looks good now. Need to figure out what shoes to wear. I can savely get away with anything, as the dress is that long, and you can't see her feet in the anime.

Made a start on Matoko, and realised in needed another zip. So, shopping tomorrow and hope that at least one haberdashery is open. Managed to avoid the lure of the Wii most of the weekend, but I have played a bit of Eleedees. It's very special. Hunt little blue things to gain electricity. They like to hide so you have to fling things around the room to locate them. Then they squeak at you when you capture them. Very cute.


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