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Jun. 25th, 2009 01:00 pm
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For anyone in the Bath, Bristol, Chippenham area...

We're planning on a Wessex Anime Longleat trip on Sunday 19th July
A bunch of people noted they'd never been in spite of it just being down the road. An opportunity to get out and about for something other than cons and watching anime.
Please shout out if you're interested, including whether you can offer or need car space.

Wessex Anime now have this:

which... may be a little sparse right now, but will pick up.
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Decided that as the house was a state and I needed a lie in anyway, I'd take yesterday off work. Didn't quite work out like that, but you'll see.

Saturday was the wessex party. I spent most of the day getting the piping on Marchello's coat sorted. Piping under a topstitch is harder to get inplace, but seems to look a lot better than piping through a seam. Just got one last bit left to sew. Then Dom came round much later and we got more work done on hos Hero coat. One more hem to go and them I think it's just running a ribbon through it left. So, more suggestions for Dom to cosplay please!

Saturday evening was the Wessex party. We tried the new DDR game where you put your own music cds in and it makes dance tracks. Some worked better than others. I nearly died during "Number One" from the Bleach album, but will have to get a copy of the came and experiment. Then we watched Brass Eye and Jam.

Sunday was Wessex, with much anime goodness, then we took Joe's sister Amy out to Wagamama for noodles. She had chiken ramen, appearently because she could say chicken ramen. Yasai Curry Kastsu for me, yummy!

Monday, we got up and took Amy to the station, then nipped into town to pick up my new full length mirror from Habitat. (It's very nice, simple dark oak free standing mirror). Did a bit of tidying in the house. Then we remembered that we'd passed Westonbirt arboretum a couple of weeks ago and said we wanted to go there to see all the trees in autumn colours. The day was a perfect crisp, sunny October day, and we took many pictures of beautiful trees. Most are here:

But some beneath the cut... )
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Was ready to give up yesterday. You know that stage every costume gets to where it stops being a collection of pieces of fabric and starts to take shape and you think "Yeah, this is going to work"? Well I hit the next stage which is discovering it doesn't fit and there's a problem that requires you to undo every single hem to fix (There is a lot of hemming on a trench coat.)

Threw the costume in a corner, had a sulk for a bit, then watched Lucky Star and ate rice crakers until I felt better. I think I've sorted the problem out and it should fit a lot better now, so I just need to finish off the trims. Just don't ask to look at the inside, as it's not all perfectly lined as it used to be. It would be nice not to fuck up a project once in a while, but there you go.

So, nearly one costume down, 5 to go. Alice is nearly done too, I don't envision Kyoko being much of an issue. Joe's corresponding costume will be more interesting. I'd like to get Matoko done, just so I have something very skimpy to wear. There's nothing like it for a confidence boost, and interestingly, it's girls I get the most respect from. I got lots of guys taking pictures of Fran, but it was girls who gave me the most "well done, that's amazing" comments. Which meant the costume went from more trouble than it was worth to worth the trouble I put in.

Off to play with pvc some more and then watch Death Note til my eyes bleed with Wessex. The second opening is all of the metal. All of it!
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Wessex anime's masquerade skit:

Only inuendo, should be work safe. (Lots of yaoi references).

If you want anything explained, let me know. Helps if you've seen full metal panic, but there are enough visual gags in there that should need no explanation!

And now the convention is over I will get another stoy update done. Soon. I hope.


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