Apr. 15th, 2008 08:23 am
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Looks like this Saturday (19th) is going to be Bristol shopping trip. Meet here at 11.00 to aim for Bristol between 11.30 and 12.00? Let me know if you are coming. I'll poke some of the cosplayers in Bristol to see if we can coax them out of their shells.

Also, D&D this week? (Alex, I don't seem to have your correct email address, so let me know.)
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The sync appears to be out on my sewing machine. At least, speaking to the sewing shop that was thier diagnosis. I'll have a look at it tonight, and take it in to them tomorrow if I can't resolve it. I hope they can fix it, because it's a good little machine and it's done me well. It is about 5 years old, I guess, I don't kow what they life expectency of a sewing machine is these days. I don't really want to have to replace it because I'm special and tend to form bonds with inaminate objects. I don't think I'll be letting people use it unattended, whatever happens.

Spent the day feeling angry at nothing, and with a sick sense of something dreadful happening. Nothng has happened yet, but if you're out there, let me know you are all okay. I know some people have been through or are going through real hell (real problems, not "oh no, somethng that's probably easily fixed has broken") and I'm thinking of you.

Finally, spent a lovely satuday shopping with Joe, James and Cat in Bristol. Had lunch in walkabout - springbok burger is nice, kangaroo is better. Bought fabric for Rozy, Ivy and expo costume for Joe. Failed at finding Sora fur. Joe bought be wonderful aniversary present: it's a trillobite set in a pendant and it's 550 million years old. I love it.
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[ profile] same_difference was lovely and organised people into Bristol for shopping trip. i needed to pick up fabric for Wessex skit costume, foam for heads, and some things for [ profile] marmaladecat as well.

Hit Bristol around lunch time, met Warren and Judith and then headed down to a pub for lunch. Like all pubs called Hatchets it was impossible to find without an experienced guide. Once there, we met up with Mike, Amber, Jake and Laura. Victory for cosplay meetings! Have lovely lunch and chats with people I hadn't seen for too long.

Next stop was St Nicks for foam for heads for Kirara and Riiya-kun. Victory was achieved, and so we moved on to fabric land. Found everything I wanted (Though I forgot to buy more needles and a zip). Todays shopping list included

3 metres black satin
2 metres scarlet satin
1/2 metre black fur
1/2 metre bonta-kun fur
2 metres white semi-transulcent white fabric
2 metres lovely soft rasberry coloured fabric

After all the shopping was done and we'd said goodbye to people and made them promise to come to Wessex, we headed home. [ profile] same_difference finally finished all 104 button holes and there was much rejoicing. He put the whole costume on and it ooks fantastic. My first cosplay student, I'm so proud.

I've made good progress on my skit costume - the skirt is done but not hemmed, the bodice is made but I forgot the zip so can't go too much further. Tomorrow applique may happen or I may start work on the heads. I was a little worried when I made the pattern for the skirt out of newspaper and laid it out - it was immence and I was a little worried I'd not bought enough fabric, but it all seems to fit.

All in all a much better day than I've had in a while. It was so lovely to see people and still manage to get stuff done. Cosplay is going well, even with the six costumes I've got on the go at the moment, I still feel on top of things and when I make something, it's generally coming out right. One of Riiya's paws needs adjusting, but other than that, its all good. Though I may need to pick up another pillow as I'm running out of stuffing!

Hoping everyone else is having good weekends.
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Weeekend was lovely as it combined fabric shopping, meeting lots of friends and cremating food on the alter of the barbeque god. (Barbeque god was clearly not pleased with offerings, and we had to appeal to the demon of the grill to get everything cooked, but hey, I got to play with fire, so all is well...)

Saturday morning, met up with Ilpala and Leena and took them on the scenic route to Bristol. (It was only scenic up to a certain point, and then we hit Bristol). Met up with Warren, Judith, Emmma and Dave, who had been raiding the army surplas shop for spare soldiers (or possibly just great coats), and spent time poking fabric in Bristol.

I now have:
3 metres o bright blue suiting;
2 metres of corresponding lining;
1 metre of really cheap black satin (£1.35 /m, yes please :)
1 metre of black stage satin;
3 metres of labrador coloured fur (not quite right, but very cheap)
1 square of pink fur for ears.

We also met up with Alex and Nat and Mike and Amber.

Later of was post shopping barbeque. It was lovely to have so many people around, thankyou everyone who came. Sorry barbeque cooking was quite special. We bitched about work, Marcus had a throne, and everyone ate Leena's yummy cheesecake.

Sunday was Wessex,and we have more people there than we'd had in a long time. We almost ran out of places to put people. Finished Pumpkin Scissors (very good, the ending wasn't really much of an ending, but that's because they are doing a second season, whoo!), and Ushio and Tora, (not really my thing, really). Ghost hunt continues to be very good. I like the monk, he's lovely.

Sunday evening started cosplay, and continued today. I've cut out bits for Marcello and Jessica, and got quite a bit done for Sora. The shirt is largely finished in shape, I need to make the neck a bit bigger, and then do the embroidery, and the jacket is starting to take shape. I have no idea how I will do his gloves.

This week is another 4 day week, as have friday off for the 36 hour. Then, I don't have to go back to work until a week on monday. Bliss!
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Right, now that the con is over, more costumes need to be made :) I think I've suggested to everyone the plan for a shopping trip / barbeque, so here is the rough plan.

Saturday the 1st of September, meet up in Bristol around 10.30 - 11.00 ish. We should be able to get all those going from Bath in one car, as I know not everyone (or possibly no one) enjoys driving in Bristol. There are also alternatives if no one wants to drive. There are two main places for getting fabric, plus various other Bristol shops as needed. Then, collect everyone and head back to Bath for barbeque (or possibly grilled food if the weather is shit!) at house of lovely. I have lots of sausages and burgers, so between the lot of us we should be able to collate a feast :)

This is an open invitation to anyone, feel free to come along to either part, just let me know.

Also, having seen the Triniy Blood costumes, I want a project. I want to a costume that will require more than anything I have ever done before, but I can take as long as I need to do, because I'm not planning to tie it down to any particular con. Any suggestions?


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