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I was going to run D&D last night, but we all got a bit distracted by Soul Calibur. The rest of the party has been made with varying amounts of success. Charles is canned meat, which looks fine, and Talia looks awesome and has a cute hat. Bandez was unfortunately neither beardy or stocky enough. He does have chest hair though.

Then we decided to try the charecters out in a fight. Firstly, everyone beat up Esselt, because you have to really. Amari lost her first fight to Esselt, then he took her top off and it all wenr down hill from there. Or uphill, depending on your perspective. The new charecters were all fairly reasonable in a fight. Talia is a little wirlwind of death and fire; Bandez is far better in combat that he ought to be and Charles takes people's trousers off. Seriously. He must have undressed every male charecter he fought. (He is never, ever, ever allowed to fight Turk again.)

Finally I set up training so we could have a look at finishing moves. Esselt's move is to stick the morning star between his opponents legs and run them around like a wheelbarrow, so that was appropriate. Charles calls upon the power of Greyskull from the looks of things. Talia has a ninja split-in-three then kill you attack, which does nothing to dampen Esselt's enthusiasm for her. Disterbingly, Bandez and Zephyr pin their opponent to the floor and suck their soul out through the jugular. Clearly takes a certain sort to be a bard.
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Ended up going to Hong Kong Bistro last night. The food was good, but the restraunt was cramped, noisy and the staff were overly enthusiastic about taking orders etc. I think I prefer Wagamamas for that sort of meal.

Afterwards we came back, put on Soul Calibur and Marcus turned up. So we played with the charecter creation again.

Esselt suffered from the fact that SC won't let you make weedy, scruffy charecters, so is a bit more manly and clean than needed. He does have dirty socks and underwear though. Turk is a fuck-ugly slab of meat dressed in black, so that's appropriate. Also appropriately Dom managed to find equipment that boosted stats, so Turk is the most twinked out charecter as well.

Then we put them to the test. Fights with Esselt when pretty much how everyone expected. There was only one fight with Turk because watching a big ugly man pull off Ivy's moves was too much for anyone to handle. I've given Zephyr Raphael's special weapon, which is a large flower that makes musical dong sounds when you hit people. He got stripped repeatedly, Saffron managed to stay fully clothed this time.

Highlight of the evening had to be Setsuka wanking at Darth Vader.
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I have so far made Saffron, Amari and Zephyr in SC, with varying amouns of success. The first time I played Saffron, Rachael-chan stripped her, so I had to beat her charecter with a Saffron-in-uunderwear. It was horribly appropriate. (You can break armour on charecters. This means depending on what you break and what else they were wearing, you can get charecters quite naked.) Then we played Zephyr versus Yun-Seong and there was armour coming off left right and centre. Joe said we were bloody fan-girls.

Rachael's missed us. She hasn't had any conversations about boobs recently. I will admit to being utterly amused by the female body shaping function in SC. Nothing changes but the size of the charecter's boobs. If there is any lag, its nothing, nothing, nothing...BOING! Doesn't get old.

All this has lead me wanting to cosplay many more charecters. Currently on the list are Amy, Ashlotte, Shura, Ivy's ulternative, and maybe Cassandra as well. Ashlotte would be awsome to pull off, but much hard work.

Joe has been making hot goth chicks. He's got a talent for it.


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