Nov. 5th, 2007 07:49 am
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Saturday was the most productive I've been on my own cosplay for a while (been helping [livejournal.com profile] same_difference be productive recently). After a nice lie in, once the shopping was done and the house was tidied, I spent the rest of the day listening to Ozzy and covering myself in fluff. The fact that the majority of my clothes are black, and the fur I was working with is cream or white, meant I was very visibly fluffy.

I have now largely finished Kirara's bodysuit and tails. I just need to stuff the latter and attach them to the former. I should have enough fur to make the head, but will need to pick up some more black fur for the paws. Being already quite fluffy at this point, I decided to carry on and make a start on the really nice white fur I found cheap in Bath. Decided to go with Riiya-kun in werewolf form from Agazukin Chacha, because I can't think of anyone else quite so white and fluffy.

So now I have a white fluffy top, white fluffy trousers and some half done white fluffy paws. This is the thickest pile fur I've worked with yet, and it's much easier than the shorter stuff. I just need to comb down a seam for a couple of minutes and it's invisible. Need to pick up a few things in Bath at lunch time, as I lack zip for Riiya, the zip I picked up for Chidori isn't the zip I need, and I need some more things for Jessica. Plus gluesticks. Never have too many gluesticks!

Saturday evening we went up to Sham castle and watched fireworks. There was more vegetation this year, and not so many fireworks, but it was still lovely. We had mini picnic and Florian did a wonderful impression of a dying frog. Then we went on a road trip to find a tower we had seen when looking down over the city. It turned out to be St Stephen's church in Lansdown. Finally, we came back and watched intros to 80s cartoons on you-tube.
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November the 5th is this coming Monday, so I should imagine most people will be having their displays this Saturday (3rd November). Currently my plan is to head up to Sham Castle and watch all of the fireworks on that side of Bath.

Last year was lovely, we have about 2 solid hours of fireworks going off, and everyone bought something for the picnic. Hoping people will join me this year - let me know if you are. Aim is to get up to the castle between 7.30 adn 8pm Saturday night, and then stay there until we get too cold or the fireworks finish. Then back to house of lovely for hot drinks. Last year there was plenty of carparking in the carparks behing 8W (where scifi is held).


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