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2009-07-17 07:47 am
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World Tour and Weekend

Picked up World Tour yesterday, as it was cheap in HMV. (Well, cheaper than anywhere else including the internets). I suck at drums, and I haven't even tried singing yet. I shall probably practice on my own when there is non one there to mock. The first track is a very poor choice - No Sleep just doesn't work well and doesn't really get you in the rocking out mood. Still, I'm willing to forgive the game most things just for Living on a Prayer and Eye of the Tiger (which is stuck firmly in my head at the moment).

Dori, Adrian and Neil came over last night and we rocked out until midnight (Adrian's watch had stopped so they had no idea of the time). It was awesome, nothing like a good tune to bring a room together. Thanks guys, I really appreciated it.

Feeling down like this makes me introspective and paranoid, so it was good to have people to hang out with. I'm not going to be emo here, but suffice to say I'm feeling kind of lonely at the moment. Still, it's Friday, and Fridays make the rest of the week worth working through.

This weekend, a few people are coming over Saturday night, I suspect more rocking out will be done. If you're free, we'd love to see you. Then on Sunday, we're heading over to Longleat. They also have baby sealions it seems, along with everything else. Again, we'd love to have you along.