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Here is my current progress on the violin:


Other than attaching the strings and finger board, I need to stencil "Sara" somewhere on the neck; add a pressure gauge, a volume gauge (going all the way up to 11) and a couple more pipes. Any more suggestions? I was thinking some faux brass panels.

In other news we found a slow worm in the garden. He's called Mr Slow and he's adorable, but not very photogenic.

Mr Slow... )


Feb. 28th, 2009 01:42 pm
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I picked up a couple of drawing books to try and teach myself how to put pencil to paper and not end up with a mess on the page. It's not going quickly, but then I don't have a lot of time to practice (and Disgea isn't helping) so I shouldn't expect overnight success. I have finally done something I'm willing to share - don't laugh too hard!

The only one of my charecters I can draw... )


Jan. 28th, 2009 11:47 am
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Well, I’ve finally finished my story, and by finished I mean I have written the end, so it’s not actually complete, but it’s a start. I originally set up my lj as somewhere to put story updates to encourage me to write. Didn’t work to well, as the last time I updated was summer last year. So, anyway, here is the final piece, and a short coda. I will admit I did cry a bit: it’s one thing to know how a story ends; it’s another to write it. I’d really appreciated it if as many people as possible could read it, even if you haven’t read the rest of it, just to let me know what you think of my style etc.

The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser: Finale )

Coda… )

You’re missing a bit right here Ailsa-chan… )

Notes… )

Anyway, usual questions apply: What did you think? Was it what you expected? Any glaring errors etc.
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I was going to run D&D last night, but we all got a bit distracted by Soul Calibur. The rest of the party has been made with varying amounts of success. Charles is canned meat, which looks fine, and Talia looks awesome and has a cute hat. Bandez was unfortunately neither beardy or stocky enough. He does have chest hair though.

Then we decided to try the charecters out in a fight. Firstly, everyone beat up Esselt, because you have to really. Amari lost her first fight to Esselt, then he took her top off and it all wenr down hill from there. Or uphill, depending on your perspective. The new charecters were all fairly reasonable in a fight. Talia is a little wirlwind of death and fire; Bandez is far better in combat that he ought to be and Charles takes people's trousers off. Seriously. He must have undressed every male charecter he fought. (He is never, ever, ever allowed to fight Turk again.)

Finally I set up training so we could have a look at finishing moves. Esselt's move is to stick the morning star between his opponents legs and run them around like a wheelbarrow, so that was appropriate. Charles calls upon the power of Greyskull from the looks of things. Talia has a ninja split-in-three then kill you attack, which does nothing to dampen Esselt's enthusiasm for her. Disterbingly, Bandez and Zephyr pin their opponent to the floor and suck their soul out through the jugular. Clearly takes a certain sort to be a bard.
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Put down the sewing machine last night and actually got some writing done. Victory is mone. Update below the cut as usual. It needs some work, becuase given what happens, it's far too short. So, suggestions about how to extend it please? What detail is missing, who's feelings have been glossed over too much, that sort of thing. I know it was a while since the last update, so I've included the funeral in the latest update, so you can remember where you were.

The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser, part ... Kokuhaku )

That's probably going to be the last update before I write the end. I know there's going to be a bit missing, but I'm not sure exactly what happens. Those who have played my D&D campaign will probably have a good idea of where the end takes place, and so the segment between here and getting there is the bit I'm struggling with. Any suggestions greatly accepted.

Many comments plz *puppy eyes*
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Wangst isn't over yet, I'm afraid.
The Ballard of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 26: Funeral )

More story

Sep. 10th, 2007 11:00 pm
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Second update of today. It seems getting a job makes me verbose.

The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 25: Saffron )
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Have been neglecting the house work to write. The last update was in June, so have included a bit that has been put up already to lead you into it.

The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 24 )

Comments please *puppy eyes*
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Must do some cosplay the week. August is getting scarily close. (Though Josh scared me yesterday when he was convinced it was July!) I think I should be able to do it all in a month, as all costumes are lagely done, they jsut need finishing off.

Think most people have seen it, but our car was assulted by an SUV recently and has a big dent in the rear passenger side door. Insurance calim is being dealt with, car still drivable, but we haven't dared open the door!

More story below, please comment, I am open to requests for cookie-bribes etc. Some has been posted before, but newer stuff further down.

The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 23 (Warning, may contain angst) )

See people tonight for the Hobbity do.

ETA - no I have no idea why lj posted this one below the other one. Stupid thing :(
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As nobody seems to want to ask them questions, my charecters have been carrying on with their adventures. Word cont is now up to 63,500 give or take and the next up date is below. Some of it has been posted previously, but has been gone over since then and now appears in context.

The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 22: Betrayal )

Needs more comments plz :)
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Next update below.

The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 21: Miranda )
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As [ profile] marmaladecat has re-animated the 5 questions meme, I thought I'd join in too. However, as I have done this one before, and I've been doing a lot with story recently, slight difference:

Ask any of my charecters up to five questions on anything - opinions, politics, their life, whatever, and I'll try to answer them. I reserve the right to ignore or mock the rude ones. :P

However, as there are people on f-list that don't read, and people who I've added since the last time I posted this, feel free to ask questions of me as well if you would rather.
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One more update. I had a lot more written than I realised.

The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 20 )

Hot soup for lunch is lovely.
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Questions as posed to [ profile] almosthonest and [ profile] same_difference, for people who have been reading story:

Favourite charecter?
Least favourite charecter?
Favourite part?
Any bits you didn't like / didn't work?
Where do you think story is going / suspected ending
Which way do you think the love triangle should be resolved (not neccessarily the say as the way you think it will be resolved?

The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 19 )
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Next update on story below. Last night's game was very short and silly. Largely involved trying to turn Ged into a barrel mecha with mounted side artillary.

The Ballard of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 18 )
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Week at work has largely been long and busy. At least it's friday tomorrow. So very very sleepy. I've been in a silly mood all evening. There was a cat scratching the tree outside the house so I went nya at it. It ignored me, so I spend the next hour or so going nya at Joe. Anyway, next update below, comment or I'll cry. Nearly filled all the holes, so the update after this should be back to the plot. This bit is between the Folk camp and Amari's death.

The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 15.5 Snow )
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Cosplay has occupied my time this week. I managed to get a paragraph written on Saturday, but that's the most I've done in a couple of weeks. I suck. Still, I have 6 costumes to make by August, and the rest of my life to get thestory out of my head and onto paper, so that's my priority.

Good news - my new iron is wonderful.

Bad news - I've already found I didn't quite patten properly on my Pumkin Scissors costume and it doesn't quite line up. Still, I think the worst that will happen is that it ends up about 1/2 an inch shorter that I originally intended. I'm just desperately praying I have enough fabric!

I haven't yet dared touch the pvc. It's sitting upstairs tempting me with it's shininess. Has anyone else done any major work with it? How hard is it to sew, because I can image that it could be a bastard.

Must put aside sewing tonight and plot for game, or else find something to occupy the party for a session. It may be time to pull another cursed artifact out of my ass :)
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Minami 12 and 13 photos are all up here:

The personal folders are pictures either of me, or of people wearing my costumes.

I have decided to to post next story update now, before I get too pissed off and tidy up the bits between scenes later. (Or find an handy editor :) Anyway, text below the cut. It's non plotty, just a bit of charecter interaction with a throwaway reference for [ profile] almosthonest Takes place after the music session but before the stealing of the jewellery.

The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 11.5 )

As always, comments please *puppy eyes*
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Take the What Type of Friend Are You? quiz.


Take the What Type of Friend Are You? quiz.


Take the What Type of Friend Are You? quiz.

Cheska came out fairly well, I don't think the other two conform to D and D stereotypes quite so well...
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Broke the 55,000 word limit yesterday but writing 2000 words in a night. This meant I over slept this morning and then had to wrestle with getting the cardboard out before the recycling people came. There was much stompling, adn cardboard all over the kitchen floor. I don't like oversleeping and tend to take it out on whatever I have handy.

Writing spark seems to have been fired by a change in music. Switched from AMVs to Oasis - The Masterplan and Voice of the Beehive. Worked a little too well as I ended up going to bed at midnight. Boss said if I become the next J K Rowling, to give him a cut of the profits and he won't fire me. Had to point out that if I became the next J K Rowling I wouldn't be working there anymore :)

Don't think I'll be the next J K Rowling - Harry Potter is far more slashable than Zephyr.

Made a big hat out of my mixing bowl and paper mache. Everyone needs to make more things out of paper mache.

Have two Cats in the office. This means we have Cat, Cat, Nat and Mat, which makes calling one across the office hard as often the wrong one turns round. It was decided we out to call one Cat5 and one Cat6, and I said we ought to call Nat Natting to help even more, but was told that was taking the joke too far...

[ profile] same_difference is bring OOTS game round tonight. I think Satuday will largely involve sleeping, unless anyone has any better plans.


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