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"I don't think it's a software problem. I think it's more of a program problem."

There are no words. Face, meet palm. Oh, you've met before I see.

In other new, I am creating black fluff in the kitchen and then inhaling most of it while working. It doesn't say toxic anywhere...And I'm getting very good at finding the bits of glue that haven't been stuck properly by burning my fingers on them. Cosplay: more dangerous than a room full of hungry gerbils.

Oh, and I saw a icon with a very valuble message, especially in light of some of the emails I've seen recently:

"Apostrophe does not mean look out, there's an 'S' coming!"


Mar. 6th, 2007 05:14 pm
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But first, a quick and helpful shout out to the woman I spoke to this morning:

I am not psychic. Don't talk down to me when I ask your information. I've never spoken to you in my life - I don't know who you are. I don't care either. Also, when you don't know anything about the system you are using, including what software you are running, you make my life very hard.

Now, onto today's metal challenge, as it was rightly pointed out that I forgot earlier.

You have 5 men standing on a plateau high above the mountains. They need to get to another plateau on the other side of a gorge. They can get across by means of a basket connected to a rope and pulley system, but the basket can only hold two. Once across, some one must take the basket back to the orginial side for the next person to get across. They do not know if they will be attacked on either side.
The 5 men are as follows:

Bandez - lightly armoured, not good in a fight. Doesn't trust Ralph, is a calming influnce on Esselt.

Turk - armoured, good in a fight. Will not travel with Ralph or Esselt.

Ged - armoured, good in a fight. Generally tolerent of all, but has a tendency to lose weapons so should be accompanied by someone sensible.

Esselt - Thief. Lightly armoured, ranged weapon.

Ralph - Tendency to go into blood thirsty frenzy if not checked.

How should they arrange themselves so that they all travel across the gorge and minimise the risk to themselves from either side?
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[profile] raiyden admitted he is jealous of the attention Turk and Bandez lavish on each other.

My party is developing love triangles, bless them.

In other news, our team won employee of the month, so management treated us to a massive continenal breakfast and the boss gave us all a scratch card and a lottery ticket. He was even good enough to give me a winning one! (Well, I won £2 on the scratch card). We had so much food we were forcing it on anyone who came in the office.

"Here, have a danish. No have two! Why are you looking at me like that?"

Why is Minami so close? I was sure I had a month left. Where did I put my February?
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Broke the 55,000 word limit yesterday but writing 2000 words in a night. This meant I over slept this morning and then had to wrestle with getting the cardboard out before the recycling people came. There was much stompling, adn cardboard all over the kitchen floor. I don't like oversleeping and tend to take it out on whatever I have handy.

Writing spark seems to have been fired by a change in music. Switched from AMVs to Oasis - The Masterplan and Voice of the Beehive. Worked a little too well as I ended up going to bed at midnight. Boss said if I become the next J K Rowling, to give him a cut of the profits and he won't fire me. Had to point out that if I became the next J K Rowling I wouldn't be working there anymore :)

Don't think I'll be the next J K Rowling - Harry Potter is far more slashable than Zephyr.

Made a big hat out of my mixing bowl and paper mache. Everyone needs to make more things out of paper mache.

Have two Cats in the office. This means we have Cat, Cat, Nat and Mat, which makes calling one across the office hard as often the wrong one turns round. It was decided we out to call one Cat5 and one Cat6, and I said we ought to call Nat Natting to help even more, but was told that was taking the joke too far...

[ profile] same_difference is bring OOTS game round tonight. I think Satuday will largely involve sleeping, unless anyone has any better plans.


Jan. 3rd, 2007 08:02 am
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Thanks to everyone who came to New Years Arrgh party. It ws lovely seeing everyone in on place and gtting to chat to people I really don't see enough of. If 2007 continues like that, it will be a wonderful year.

Of course, if it continues like the first day back at work, it will be busy nad full of morons.
Case in point:
"You reset my password but it doesn't work!!!"
"Well, what happens when you try and log in?"
"I log in, and it tells me to change my password but then when I put it in it says 'the password you have supplied has already been used, please try a different one.' It doesn't work!! Fix it!!!!"

Coming ever closer to completing Kingdom Hearts, but in order to get special video, I have to complete everything! Including Sephiroth... hmm. So am currently leveling, doing what minigames I can be bothered with, nd putting the rest in a pile for Dom to try, becuase he's lovely like that :)
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Now, I can tell fantsy from reality, I have a fairly dark sense of humour and I like horror films. I enjoyed the first Final Destination film, so when Hobbit rented the third, I though this will be entertaining. I think I watched about about half an hour of it. I've never been fucked up so badly by a film, espcially one that is string of over the top death scenes. However, the rollercoaster crash really, really messed with me. When it stopped at the top of the loop I had to run from the room. I was crying and couldn't breath properly. Even when I had calmed down I still felt ill for the rest of the evening and couldn't watch the rest of it.

In other news, I have broken 50,000 words. Whoo. Go me.

I probably would have written a lot more, if I didn't have Bookworm adventures. It's awsome. Think 2D fighter meets scrabble!. No, seriously. You have to defeat enemies by spelling words at them. The longer the word and the more Q, J, K, X etc you get in there, the more damage you do. Very addictive. The worm so commands me.

Were 6 people down at work yesterday, but we managed to cope not to badly. And we got fed chocolate hobnobs, which was nice.
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If I answer the phone with "Good morning, Ailsa speaking, how may I help you?"

then why did you answer with "Hello Vicky."


I mean, I can understand confusing my name with Alison, but Vicky?

Word Count

Oct. 11th, 2006 07:59 am
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I broke the 40 000 word barrier on monday. Its the second time ever that I've done that. It meant I was very tired yesterday as I went to bed later than I wanted to. Still, I couldn't stop 300 words away from 40 000, could I? I'll post update shortly, once I've finished this scene.

Come November, I don't know how much I'll get written. Dirge of Cerberus and FFXII are coming out, finally. The pretties will be mine. You may not see much of me after that...

Enjoyed my week in Coventry. It was nice to do something different for a change and having 3 course meals everyday was also lovely. I enjoyed working in an office where they could have the radio on and the phone wasn't ringing constantly (they have call loggers to take all the details, we would then ring the user back).

Yesterday we calculated I took about 20% of the calls. That's about twice my share. Given I probably did more than my share of work as well... Oh well, roll on November - I've taken every monday off from mid November to Christmas, so that ought to make up for it.

Work are going for a curry on Friday night. This is the first job where I've wanted to socialise with people out of work. It helps that two people I work with are good friends, but I get on with the rest of them too and that makes life so much more pleasant.

Finally, found a video of a creationist talking on you-tube. He was explaining the meaning of dinosaur. Saur, as we all know, means lizard and dino, well that means explosive because, you know, dynamite... So now you know: dinosaur means explosive lizard.

You have to laugh, or you'd cry.
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From Sunday afternoon, I will be in Coventry. I'm hoping the hotel will have internet, but I will have my mobile on me if you need me.

Something potentially quite big for work came up and the needed a volenteer at short notice. So, I will be working in Coventry for one of our customers until Friday. It means free hotel and free food for a week, and if we get chosen to do what these people want someone to do, it will reflect vry well on me.

I have business trips now. I feel like a proper corprate whore.
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Work this week has been busy and stressful, it feels like I've done 5 days already this week, but still have friday to do. Grr.

Best comment to come out of a call this week is below. Imagine the following said in a strong Yorkshire accent:

"I turned on computer and it was just configerating when I dropped book on t' keyboard..."

Less fun was trying to change the display settings on a dumb terminal. To make any permanent changes, you have log in as administrator, disable the write filter, make changes and log back in as your user. Awkward, but not complicated, right?

I knew I was off to a bad start when the man said he was passing me over to his son. So I end up speak to what sounds like a twelve year old. Oh, well, might be easier I think.

Okay, first step. I ask him to log in as adminstrator. So he calls Dad over to log him in. Then says its not working. I ask what they are logging in as, and he says user. *Sigh* I try again and apparently it's still not working. Turns out they were spelling adminstrator as adminstrater. Eventually we get in.

Next step, disable the write filter. Most versions of the firmware have a big red and a big green one on the desktop, but not all, so I ask "Do you have a red and a green round button in front of you?"
"Okay, click on the big red button."
"I don't have a red one. Only a green one."
"But you just told me you did!"
"Well sorry," he replies snottily.

Eventually we get it sorted, but it would have taken half the time and effort if they had just listened to what I said and did what I asked.

In the evening, I finally herded my players into one place for the next session. Dom had the great idea of runnignt he session outside, so we sat out at one of the tables by the factory overlooking the river. Alex took many pictures for some reason :)

The party had a very good session, I think. They managed to aquires some new allies (or investments on Turk's part), aquire some jewellery and a silver candlestick and keep their kill count down to one fuzzily-wuzzily (Sorry Alex :P)

Then we came back and rocked out to Gituar Hero.
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But first -

Mike at work gets all the best calls. He got the one about the mouse, and yesterday he got the Clothes Woman.

Woman rings up, printer no workie. Mike gets a few basic details and then asks the woman for a serial number. This is standard practise, as not all our customers put everything on contract with us, so we need to check.

Woman: I'm not prepared to get that for you.
Mike: Why not?
Woman: Because last time I got me clothes dirty.
Mike: Well, I really need that to proceed with the call.
Woman: Well I'll just have to wait until someone else can get it. I'm not ruining my clothes for you!

Pete now owns Guitar Hero so we've been rocking out the lounge over the last couple of days. I'm not terribly good. I think I'd make Deep Purple cry the way I massacre Smoke on the Water.

Work has been very busy recently, but we have more vancancies if anyone is interested.


I currently have writer's block. It's probably a good idea as I might get costume done then! But for when I go back to it after the con: I need to know how to go from the last update I posted to the next bit I know, which is where the plot kicks in. (Anyone who hs played in my D&D campaign will guess what this even is. Hint: there's still one important charecter who has not turned up yet.)

I can just go from one event to the next, as the charecters are currently in the right place in the world. However, once they do meet the plot, things move a bit quicker and the charecters have less control on what they do.

My question is would people be happy with that? Or do you want to see more charecter driven events first. Is there anything you would want to read about, any conflicts or resoltions? Any more backstory? Also, I'd be interested to know people's favouite charecters and opinions on how to resolve the love triangle.
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I have got another friend a job where I work. Wha ha ha.

I even got my boss to admit that they should seriously consider anyone who puts larper on their CV more seriously than one who doesn't as larpers now have a proven track record. He still says he won't try it himself, though.

Of course we're great. And naturally we do well at an interview process that involves a roleplay section.

So now I get to work with [ profile] marmaladecat and [ profile] raiyden.

Other than that, I have been utterly failing to get cosplay done. I have just over a month, which is plenty of time, if I could put my mind to it. However, there is either something being watched in the lounge, or people are playing interesting games or I have story to write.

I asked [ profile] raiyden how he thinks I'm going to solve the love-triangle that's currently going on in my story. ( I bribed him to read the whole thing with cooking.) He going for the angsty emo version. I'd be interested to see what anyone else thinks, just to see if I've been too obvious or too subtle with the charecters. I suspect people may have a better idea when I post the next update, which I will do shortly.

If I have told you how things end, (I know I've told at least one person), don't spoil it by telling people yet!
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The party were a bit mor functional yesderday. I think enough they've all been though enough now to be united in their desire to utterly destroy something. They might still aregue on what to destroy, though.

Esseslt isn't talking to Elan, after the horse rustling incident, and Turk still sleeps in a different building to the rest of them, but party cohesion is getting there :)

Yesterday, they had talk the Paladins though letting them cross the river (Bandez did very well on his own, but Paladins go though years of training in being arcastic and looking down on people.) Then they were robbed by a town of starving people. They even stole the sandwiches! They could have slaughtered the lot easily, but Bandez was feeling soft at that point.

Finally they reach their destination, Bandez's home town and find it beign brunt to th ground. There are priests around to salt and consecrate the ground. As the charecters are taking in what has happened and the implications, Esselt annouces his master plan :

"Now would be a really good time to become salt sellers!"

In other news, I've been on a unix training course. Yesterday I got to fuck up a server, so I could rebuild it. Achieved this in two steps:
1) rm unix - removes the kernal. (bit that makes the os run, essentially)
2) rm -r /var/bin - removes all the binaries, ie all the commands. We had to pull the power out to get it to shut down as it didn't recognise the command anymore.

And I learnt what bash stands for. In this sort of thing, you have lots of shells to work in, borne shell, korn shell, etc. Bash stands for:

Borne Again SHell.

Well I thought it was funny.

Ailsa-chan = geek
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Have posted in a long time. To be honest I haven't had anythng worth while posting in a long time. Last two weeks at work were very quiet, to the point of being fairly dull, but today was a typical monday of busy.
Best call of the day -
"My printer isn't working."
*Checks system.*
"Hmm, your printer is showing as offline. Would you mind checking the cables are all plugged in and that no one has hit the online/offline button by accident?"
"Sure." *Goes off. "Sorry, my boss had turned it off. It works fine when you turn it back on."
She was suitably embarressed about that, so 'twas all good.

And to the person who hung up on me this morning - it's not a technical question if I ask you what printer you are printing to. When I look in you software, I see every printer for your entire company. That could be 50 or more. It's not asking too much to know which one is the one you are using.

Work are sending me on a day trip to meet our new printer engineers. This mean a free trip to Huntindon, meal out and night in a hotel. I haven't been getting out enough clearly because I was quite excited by this.

This is from this weeks New Scienist, and is especially for [ profile] baloonworld
Physicists slug it out

SPARRING physicists provided some entertainment at the annual Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate, held last month at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Physicists Andrei Linde, Michio Kaku, Lisa Randall, Lawrence Krauss and Virginia Trimble tussled over the theme "Universe: One or Many?" taking a packed audience on a dizzying trip to the farthest reaches of the cosmological imagination. Sometimes the trip was too unsettling even for the physicists themselves.

Kaku, of the City University of New York, spoke at one point of the possibility of tunnelling into other universes through space-time foam, harnessing the power of negative energy. "Genesis happens all the time," he said. "Continuous genesis in an ocean of Nirvana, and the ocean is an 11-dimensional hyperspace."

As Kaku spoke, Krauss, of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, looked as if he was about to have an aneurysm. He turned to Kaku. "If there are an infinite number of universes," he declared, "I can't imagine one in which I agree with what you just said."

During the question and answer session, a young member of the audience asked if our universe was the first in the tree of branching universes projected on the backdrop behind the speakers. "It's extraordinarily unlikely that we live in the first universe," Linde, of Stanford University, explained. "We live in the middle of infinity."

That was too much for the chair of the evening, Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York. "We live in the middle of infinity?" he repeated. "Did those words really just come out of your mouth?"

And finlly, I'd forgotten how long it had been since I posted a story update. This follows on from part 9, which was sometime at the end of december if you need a recap.
The Ballad of Zephyr Stormchaser, part 10 )
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Have been struggling to do cosplay recently. Lack the motivation and rapidly running out of time. *Sigh*

Did overhear the best call to come in in a long time at work.
Cut as its a bit icky... )

Also, best line from the X-files so far:
Scully - "Mulder, toads just fell from the sky!"
Mulder - "Maybe their parachutes didn't open."

Off to watch DNAngel this weekend. All the bishi goodness!
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I'm guessing most people have heard of the ID-ten-T error (id10t), and PEBKAC is a favourite of mine (Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair).

Came across a couple of others that are good in the tech support community.

ESO: Equipment Smarter (than) Operator

Starfish: It's got a central body and five extensions, but no brains, and its mouth is also its anus.

EEOC: Equipment Exceeds Operator Capacity

And my favourite:
PICNIC: Problem in Chair, Not in Computer
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Anyway. I found this and thought of Paul
Squid game concept

I would also like to point out that you do not need a penis to do IT support, contrary to the opinion of the person I spoke to today.

"Oh, normally when I dial this number I get through to the tecnical guys. They can can sort things out straight away."

Yes. And so can I. I just have to get your details first. Like they do. The only difference between them and me is the depth of my voice.

And what's this? I've fixed your problem? Wow. Fancy that. Tits and the ability to work you that if you disable your NIC you won't get the internet.


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