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Here is my current progress on the violin:


Other than attaching the strings and finger board, I need to stencil "Sara" somewhere on the neck; add a pressure gauge, a volume gauge (going all the way up to 11) and a couple more pipes. Any more suggestions? I was thinking some faux brass panels.

In other news we found a slow worm in the garden. He's called Mr Slow and he's adorable, but not very photogenic.

Mr Slow... )
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Holiday report under the cut. Warning, will be long and full of pictures. I haven't really felt like writing this, but if I don't do it soon I'll forget things.

Iceland Adventures )

TL;DR? Iceland was awesome; saw a humpack whale; ate much good food; visited many exciting geological features; survived aeroplane. Back home, tired and down.
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The photographer was amazing. He was very quick, very smooth: he told you what to do and then took the photo instantly, not trying to hold poses. I really liked not having to think of poses, something I always struggle with. Anyway, very beautiful photos under the cut. Let me know what you think.

Photoshoot )
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That went far, far too quick. Can we do it again this weekend?

Photos on this post. I'll write a con report at some point. Currently I haven't even got dressed yet, let alone unpacked and cleaned the house. I must do these things before I start on my next cosplay projects!

Friday... )

Saturday )

The Wessex Slayers photoshoot... )

Sunday... )
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This one has pictures of Bristol Zoo taken on Saturday. Not terribly amazing ones, and none of the sloths or armadillos. I did finally get to see the sugar-glider, which has eludided me on previous visits. The bats appear to have given birth recently as several of them had small bats attached to their bellies. Not that you could see them, as none of them ever showed you more than their backs. You could just see little extra feet.

Photos below the cut... )
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My weekend and other animals. Includes many photos!

Edit - if anyone can see where I've fucked u my cuts, there are two missing :(

Obligatory Snow Photos )

Thursday... )

Friday... )
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But defintely not feeling it.

Have smexy new tv, PS3 and Soul Calibur to make sure I don't act my age.

Had a wonderful day at the zoo on Saturday. It was a georgeous day, and the zoo had lots of facinating animals. While I know some people don't I personally think a well run zoo is a good thing. Obviously keeping animals in captivity isn't the necessarily the best thing, but given the destructive march of humanity across the planet and the rate at which habitat is disappearing, sometimes captive breeding programs are all that are keeping many species from extinction. This in turn requires money, and opening the doors and displaying the animals is a good way to do this. Plus allowing people up close makes things more real. Suddenly creatures aren't just something off the TV, they're right there. Hopefully this will mean they are more likely to want to protect and care for what they have seen.

The meal in the evening was the restraunt's usual standard of damn good, and I'm really grateful to everyone who came. We had to kidnapp Mike, Amber adn Reece, but we got them there in the end. Then spend most of Sunday chatting with them and Arkayen who was also down in Bath that weekend.

Photos of the zoo under a cut.

Bristol Zoo in the sun... )
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Ended up going to Longleat again last weekend. It was an event worthy of macros:
Nom nom nom )

More pics below the cut: )
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Not only did he go to Chedder gorge and come back with a whole load of cheese, but he also bought me this:

Click to see the amazing )

We went to Longleat yesterday. I haven't been there in at least 15 years, and some of it was just how I remembered, but much of it was different.

Pictures below the cut to save your f-list.

Longleat Sarfari and other goodies )


Jul. 7th, 2008 08:03 am
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I will no doubt post up a loong account of this weekend's New Forest adventures, but in the mean time, I give you the Asian Short Clawed Otter. They are utterly adorable.

Sleepy Otter

I has a stone!

Listen to the noise these things make:

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Below the cut because of copious aquatic photographs!

On the road again.... )
Mattress adventures )
Aquarium adventures )
I leave you with a video of the largest tank. You can see Humphrey, he's the big grey fish, who's species can get as large as a van and who like to play with divers. There is also a pufferfish, which thinks it's a yo-yo, and a leopard shark amoungst other things.


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