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Weekend was lovely. After monkeyballing with [ profile] marmaladecat on Friday, woke up very sleepy on saturday, but still managed to do about 1/2 the things I intended to do. Then met up with [ profile] doribore eventually (damn there being two Weston high streets with similar shops :) and showed her house.

Then it was IC meal. Cheska was formally introduced to Calamity, and spent the evening chatting to him, Prospera and another might priest whos name I forgot! We spent the evening trying to break said might priest with tales of the stangest things we had seen. He had a glass of ale and a glass of wiskey and depending on how strange the story was, would drink from one or the other. I think I won when I told him the story of Helga the randy ogre and got him to drink from both glasses. Oh, and Pro and Cheska made breeding plans for the flocks of northern sheep. The Von Angstines will have the mightiest flocks ever if we have our way :)

I might get everything done for Ame at this rate. The super secret thing I had to make for the masqerade is going remarkably well, actually. It's the thing I thought would take the longest, but after only working on it for an hour, it's starting to take very good shape. So, we will see. I have one other problem though. I'm starting to have second thoughts about wearing this:
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It's not the scimpiest thing I've ever worn, but everytihng else has been for masquerade, so for a reasonabl short time, and also in a hotel, not just out and about on campus. I have made half the costume, so may well finish it and take it with me, but I'm not sure I'll wear it.
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Take the What Type of Friend Are You? quiz.


Take the What Type of Friend Are You? quiz.


Take the What Type of Friend Are You? quiz.

Cheska came out fairly well, I don't think the other two conform to D and D stereotypes quite so well...

I live!

Dec. 5th, 2005 10:39 am
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Both Cheska and I came back from Bogglehampton alive, though there were several times when I wasn't sure.

It was an excellent larp, and I think they only one where both Cheska and I came back feeling good. Usually Cheska has a shit time on larps even if I thouroughly enjoy myself. It was the first one where I came back feeling as though I had achieved something.

YES! I got rid of my filthy life mirical.

(At the end of the 36 hour, every character who had helped destroy the Angel of Death was visited in their sleep by the Gods of life, given a hug and a once a day life mirical. Now, Cheska wasn't too happy about destroying the Angel, and she certainly wasn't happy about being raped in the night by life powers!)

So, my aim on the Bogglehampton larp was to piss off the gods of life enough to take back their 'gift'. I was expecting this to take several larps of ranting and killing, but I got lucky.

First few encounters were undead, so not a lot of use in my mission. Cheska doesn't mind undead, she considers them target practice. She doesn't like gouls, however. Too many times have gouls come out of no where and paralysed her. Thus taking her out of a fight.

After that, we came to Twerton, village of Tree-goblins. I tried to provoke the goblins and convince them they were evil and wanted to eat our spleens, but unfortunately they wouldn't bite. Foiled again.

Further through the forest we came across something in a cave, apparently with a deck of lesser things. (Didn't really mean a lot to Cheska, but Nab told her to keep Rain out of there, so she did). It did something to Lomax, and then came my first scary moment. As Lomax was wandering around, laughing and telling everythring around where we were, Cheska suggested someone subdue him. At which point he drew his sword and turned on me.

Down towards the bowl we came across shadows and banshees. (Ruth clearly hasn't lost her edge. You could drill holes with that peircing scream!). Then werewolves in human form, who were quite friendly and helpful, so I didn't trust them an inch!

After we left the werewolve village, we killed a druid planty construct, and then things got weird. Heading out into the forest, the entire party disappeared, except Breeze. Turns out we were just invisible, and so was everything hostile to us. With the help of Zaphyra, I was given the ability to see the creatrues and then the slaughter began. Cheska was careful to point out exactly what she was doing as she hunted things down and rained icy death on them.

Things didn't go completely to as Cheska would have liked. The Raven, having never been on a mission with her before, made the almost fatal mistake of just putting life healing into Cheska. Because she was having fun killing things she only chewed him out. Then I caught Interfecter practicing necromancy. I nearly killed him on the spot. Cheska despises necromancers because they're trespassing in the domain of her god.

I'm not quite sure what happened next. The Raven apologised to Cheska adn gabe her a flower. So she hit him with it and threw it at his feet. I think this upset him :) Our healer went off to med and then most of the party disappeared, something about a ritual. Anyway, they came back with a vampire, people failed to sound off, and we followed the vampire to a graveyard. I'm sure it struck someone as a good idea at the time, though I'm not sure why...

Once in the graveyard, we found out that a death god was trapped in the nearby cave of life. Death following voleteers were rounded up to set her free - Cheska did not need to be asked twice. Off we went and once the ritual started and words like bind these souls and similar were uttered, I knew we were in trouble. Oh well, Cheska was more than willing to sacrifice a death threshold to aid the powers of Death at the time.

After the ritual we found our spirits wandering the graveyard, knowing we had to die for the god to be released. So we asked the party. Nicely. And they did it. Cheska now knows she can depend on Carlsberg to do what is needed (unless it hurts too much!). Once we were dead, we found ourselves back in our bodies fully healed and without the loss of a death threshold with the party no where in site. Tracking them by the sounds of carnage, we found them killing daemons. Each of the four of us (me, Morrigan, Stormskyla adn Interfector) new that the death god had been freed.

Hah! In your face life!

After we assured the party that we were fine and not going to demand that they kill us any more, we set out to help the werewolves who were being turned into their wolfy forms against their will. On the way we slotted headman Bob, adn then out in the open to take down puppies. We did so, and some people had the ability to turn them back to human form. Then Interfecter slotted them on the ground, which pissed off head wolfy, who came back to hunt Interfecter. We're not sure what happened to him, as he dissapeared into the night, but we're fairly sure the wolves caught and killed him.

And then we went home.


Dec. 4th, 2005 09:06 am
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Today I go to Bogglehampton. I may well not come back....

I'll update with gory details later.

I'd also like to thank [ profile] marmaladecat and [ profile] raiyden for their help in an emergency yesterday. *Hugs*


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