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Finally completed Kingdom Hearts II. The bonus video was very pretty but probably not worth the effort to aquire it. Still, game = pwnsored. The hardest part was the Hades Paradox cup. 50 rounds, monstors powered up far above their usual level and the second to last battle is Tifa, Yuffie Squall and Cloud. However, after boosting my stats majorly, I put my key through all of their faces and victory was mine :)

Ran Bard Game up at the new house. [ profile] almosthonest was very impressed with my kitchen and also raced around the bedroom, but we couldn't measure his speed as no one bothered to time him, Matt, Hobbit Marcus and Dom all got cupboardy together and nobody made a mess :)

The party made it up to the necropolis without too much incident, though they did have to stop and eat a mountain goat and then a mountain lion. Once there, Esselt and Ralph ran around like a pair of kids in a sweet shop collecting dead people's treasures and putting them in Ralph's barrell.

Once they'd stopped this (only temporary like, they'll be back with more barrels they promise me!) it was on to the actual temple. Here they faced chasms and lava, piles of bones and finally a rather large and grumpy roc. Who was promptly dispatched and then barbequed in the flame trap!

Rocheee!!!! Nyaaaa!!!


Feb. 21st, 2007 07:40 am
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Decided to complete Kingdom Hearts last night, so I could at least finish off the plot. I'll get round to getting the bonus video at some point. More under the cut (not really many spoilers as there's not a lot of plot in the last bit...)

Kingdom Hearts II ending... )


Jan. 3rd, 2007 08:02 am
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Thanks to everyone who came to New Years Arrgh party. It ws lovely seeing everyone in on place and gtting to chat to people I really don't see enough of. If 2007 continues like that, it will be a wonderful year.

Of course, if it continues like the first day back at work, it will be busy nad full of morons.
Case in point:
"You reset my password but it doesn't work!!!"
"Well, what happens when you try and log in?"
"I log in, and it tells me to change my password but then when I put it in it says 'the password you have supplied has already been used, please try a different one.' It doesn't work!! Fix it!!!!"

Coming ever closer to completing Kingdom Hearts, but in order to get special video, I have to complete everything! Including Sephiroth... hmm. So am currently leveling, doing what minigames I can be bothered with, nd putting the rest in a pile for Dom to try, becuase he's lovely like that :)
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Behind the cut out of consideration for people who have more will power than me and haven't lost quite so much of their lives to it yet :)

Yay! I found Cloud! )
Am going away for Christmas now, so will not be able to play for a few days. See people for New year if not before then.
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That Minnie Mouse is a vapid cow and she only married Mickey for his money.

Still no Cloud, though I did get to play with Jack Sparrow, which was almost as good :3

Also, for [ profile] marmaladecat
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I'll put it under a cut as it may have spoilers if ypu actually care about the plot. I have not done Mulan World, Beast's castle and Hercules Land.


Still no Cloud.
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Aquired KHII over the weekend. I've only played about 5 hours straight, so not terribly far into it yet. The fact that it takes four hours of game play to get to Sora means I've only just go to the second world (Mulan) and I didn't do much in the first one (Hollow Bastion).

Thoughts and opinions so far:

They've definitely done better with the camera this time. Now, instead of it panning round to Sora's face every time you enter a battle, the camera instead roughly the same distace back focused on the back of his head. The game play is very similar to before, but with a few new things like reaction commands (spam that triangle!) and drive - dual keyblade limit break type thing.

Best thing so far - Seifer's beany. I pissed myself the first time I saw that. It's very appropriate, but so very special. Not sure about the belly top though.

Worst bit was getting jobs to pay for a trip to the beach. You couldn't make enough money without grinding the jobs, even if you did well at them. The game didn't make it clear that you could get as much or as little money as you wanted, as it implied you had to have a set figure. I did get to beat bees into a pulp.

Struggle is a shit game. I'm hoping the area will be a fight arena not a struggle arena. I won my first match properly, beat the guy back, steal his ba... orbs, win 187 to 1. The next two I landed one hit in so I had slightly more balls, and then spent the rest of the match running away. It just felt wrong.

Squall's obviously been laid recently, as he smiled at me twice. Joe recons it was probably Yuffie rather than Aerith. Aerith is a whore, but she's more of a tease than a slut. He actually helped in a fight instead of propping up the wall. I was shocked.

No sign of Cloud yet :(

The whole 4 hours running around as another charecter was interesting for plot reasons, but the game wasn't very fun at that point. The tasks were tedious and repetative, which jarred with the very serious plot.
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I will always leave things too late and have to rush. I have two weeks to the next convention and so much left to do. Someone hide Kingdom Hearts from me. Though my shoes are looking damn good, I will admit. Amazing what you can do with a cheap pair of ankle shredders, some fimo and liquid latex.

Kingdom Hearts is a truly attorcious game, but I can't put it down.

Walking in summer rain is a wonderful feeling, only made better by lightning, which was sadly missing on sunday.

Watermelon is delicious, but its a bastard to cut into slices. Joe bought a watermelon as big as his head. I still don't know how it all fitted in the fridge.

Finally, saw an icon that nearly made me spray coffee over the keyboard:
It was a pciture of virgin Mary and baby Jesus, with caption Absinance doesn't work.


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