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We've been moved in for a while, but Joe and I would like to have a house warming party in our new place now we've got things more organised. Therefore Saturday 2 will be House of Lovely housewarming party, in the form of a barbeque.

All on friends list welcome along with assorted partners. I'll be contacting various others who may or may not be on LJ, and let me know if there is anyone else you want to invite. Please let me know if you are planning on coming, so I can get an idea of numbers.

We will provide some food and soft drinks, the more food people bring the more there will be to go around. Please bring your own alchohol, as I have no idea what people drink :) There will be space to crash over if you are coming from a long way away or want to drink, but again let me know so I can make sure rooms are clear. You will probably need to bring a sleeping bag etc.
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Maybe not.

Ailsa & I now own a house! Though you probably already know that. Now, plenty of you may feel slightly nauseous at the very idea of living with me (hey, there's a reason I ban mirrors in my presence) however we are considering letting rooms. So I thought we;d let people know, in case someone has some kind of sin that they think a stint in purgatory will cleanse.

Needless to say there will be high standards of cleanliness, also the 'no smoking' rule will be joined by a 'no shoes to be worn in the house' rule. High tolerance of the arsehole that is Granny Gertrude also a plus of course. Bills will be done per person, rent done per room, and we're considering £200 on the double room per month, £175 on a single. We don't *need* lodgers... but we're not averse to the idea either.

On a related note, if anyone wants to see the house let us know. We're not moved in yet (could be any time from mid march to mid june) but we pop up there often (and will more and more as time goes by).


Feb. 19th, 2007 07:32 pm
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Joe and I are now offically home owners. We finally obtained the key to a beautiful four bed house in upper weston on friday. It's just behind the high street, so we have easy access to shops including greengrocers, bakers and a super market.

The house itself is lovely - large, light rooms, two bathrooms, brand new kitchen and a garden with decking. (We do need to mow the lawn though :) We spent last weekend looking for furniture and have found lots of nice stuff - though how much we'll end up getting straight away I'm not sure.

I was amazed at the furniture stores in Bath. They go on and on. The one on the top of Walcot street in particular was absolutely immense! I'm sure there were lost tribes in there, living between the sofa department and bed-land...


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