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One more skirt to hem on secret project, then that is done. I put clear bra straps on and it fits much better now. Makes me look quite tall, which is nice, and as flat as a pancake, which doesn't bother me much :) Jessica is coming together. I have threaded all the elastic in for the last time hopefully, and now just need to tidy up bits and make some garters. Chidori would be pretty much done, but I ran out of thread :(

Haveing watched Poltergeist, the Legacy recently (very good, would highly recommend it, maybe for Friday sessions in a bit when we've run out of Supernatural and Heros), I decided to see if I could find any translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls online. There are a few bits and pieces, but I didn't read anything too exciting (other than a mention of Gilgamesh in one of the flood pieces. which I thought was quite interesting.) However I did find an online collection of Gnostic texts, which was facinating.

While Gnostic is quite a hard decription to tie down, in terms of what people think, there are a couple of points that reoccure. One is that personal revaltion is more important that already present scripture. Another is the being described in Genesis as the creater of mankind and God Almighty, is not actually the most powerful being and creater of all, but infact a much lesser creature and the product of a mistake by one of the greater beings in existance. Reading though the texts makes the whole fall of man and flood bits make much more sense, imo. Have a look at and if you are interested in that sort of thing.


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