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Picked up World Tour yesterday, as it was cheap in HMV. (Well, cheaper than anywhere else including the internets). I suck at drums, and I haven't even tried singing yet. I shall probably practice on my own when there is non one there to mock. The first track is a very poor choice - No Sleep just doesn't work well and doesn't really get you in the rocking out mood. Still, I'm willing to forgive the game most things just for Living on a Prayer and Eye of the Tiger (which is stuck firmly in my head at the moment).

Dori, Adrian and Neil came over last night and we rocked out until midnight (Adrian's watch had stopped so they had no idea of the time). It was awesome, nothing like a good tune to bring a room together. Thanks guys, I really appreciated it.

Feeling down like this makes me introspective and paranoid, so it was good to have people to hang out with. I'm not going to be emo here, but suffice to say I'm feeling kind of lonely at the moment. Still, it's Friday, and Fridays make the rest of the week worth working through.

This weekend, a few people are coming over Saturday night, I suspect more rocking out will be done. If you're free, we'd love to see you. Then on Sunday, we're heading over to Longleat. They also have baby sealions it seems, along with everything else. Again, we'd love to have you along.


Jun. 8th, 2009 06:59 pm
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Big hugs to everyone out there who is having a hard time for one reason or another. Seems this year isn't being any kinder and it seems to be the same people suffering. I wish I could change it; give some peace to those who need it, and teach those who cruise through life on the backs of others to understand real problems. But I don't know how to do that, so I'll just say I'm here when anyone needs me.

My weekend was spent finished the third Phoenix Wright game, which was awesome, and making Amari's skirt, which is looking pretty good if I say so myself. I might have to take some progress pictures. Unfortunately it's not quite finished, as I went down to the guild hall market to pick up more lace, and they've sold out of the black one. I can have it in white or pink, but not black. Bollox.

Finally, a question about hats! I've decided to go with a tri-corn, which I will make out of the same velvet as the frock coat. It's not the stuff I picked up in london, it's a stretchy velour and about as stiff as a very unstiff thing. What do I need to back it with, to make it rigid enough to make the hat, but still flexible that I can bend the brim in place? I'm guessing interfacing alone isn't going to be enough.
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Nice lot of social events have just about got me over post holiday downer. Thursday was pre-birthday celebrations with Alex and Marcus, while Friday was actual celebrations with more people that there was room for in the Wetherspoons. (Not helped by the fact that all three big booths were being occupied by couples. Wankers.) Still, we got one in the end and just about managed to sqeeze round - Marcus has too many friends! Saturday was an evening of watching Soul Eater with Wessex. I'd spent the afternoon doing Amy's wig, so by the time people came round I was pretty high on the fumes.

Amy is largely ready to do. I have to buy and attach the roses to the wig, and make the chocker, plus sort out suitable holdups. I think I'll leave the boots until Aya, not because I don't have time, but because wearing anything but the most comfy shoes will kill me. The wig isn't purfect, but it't not bad, considering I've never really attempted anything like that before. The spirals sit a bit closer to the head than they should but I couldn't see how to make them stay in shape otherwise, not without making complex structures and I didn't really have time to get into that. I was lucky enough to find Tresemme hairspray on offer in town, so I shouldn't run out for a while.

Good luck to all those finishing exams, doing coursework or desperately sewing. I'll hopefully catch many of you at expo. The docklands is out, so I imagine we won't be far from the expo center all weekend.
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I am allergic to fibre shedding. Thus things made with fur or velvet get right up my nose. Guess what all the current cosplays are made of...

Pretty fabric is pretty, but should be left alone until earlier costumes are complete.

I've been distracted by Tales of the World recently, but getting my ass handed to me by Lloyd and then Reid made me retreat to the cosplay room. Instead of working on Amy, who is for May Expo, I instead decided to cut up my velvet from Shepards Bush and make a start on Steampunk Zephyr and Amari. Amari is going well, I've just got to hem the jacket, and I've made a start on the underbodice. I still need to find some two-tone taffeta that I like. I managed to fail to buy enough blue velvet for the frock coat, so I'll have to look to making cuffs and cape out of a different colour.

Mike's party on Saturday was awesome, though it did feel very much like being 18 again: the music, the location, the atmosphere was just as I remembered. Didn't really like most of the music, but I was in the mood for dancing, so I did. The Bon Jovi set was good, though. Also good to see Lex, Jake, Kaka and Nia again.

On that note, can anyone put me and Joe up in London, on Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th of May? We'd love to go to Nia's party, but we fly in from Iceland on the Friday. I don't think we'd cope well with going back to Bath, then back to London, but if someone had a floor to lend us, we'd definitely be up for it.
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Or the distinct lack of. The weather was fantastic, sunny and bright, and if Bath hadn't been so miserable I wouldn't have taken my coat.

Saturday )

Sunday )

Back home, as usual these things go far too quickly, so must be repeated again soon. I know Bath's not as exciting as London, but people are quite welcome here, to return the favour. Just waiting for Joe to come back from Kitacon.
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It hasn't hit me yet, largely I think because I haven't come down from the high of the weekend yet. I still can't move my arms properly from the Taiko drumming workshop, but the pain was utterly worth it. Two things are also helping keep it at bay:

1) More cosplay plans.
Firstly I'm going to go through my cosplay room and old cosplays and put a load up in the loft to clear out room (currently I have two full wardrobes). Then I can get started on my next ones. I have SC4 Amy to finish (need to find more eylets. More I say!) and get started on Kirara (big form). Yep, fursuit for August, clever me. I also want to do some steampunk costumes, probably orginial charecters. I was sketching designs at work, and I think I know what I want to do clothes wise, but will need some help with punking them up.

2) London meetup.
Really looking forward to getting to see people again so soon, especially without the stress of a masqurade in the middle of it. If you can get to London, please do. My train gets in around 10.15, and I'd like to go to Shepards Bush at some point. The Koei lot are in Tokyo Toys, so will have to head down there in the afternoon. If anyone knows a good place in London to crash with copious amounts of food and maybe a bar, that would be good. Sunday, GunstarVixen and I are getting made over at 11.00, then I'm around until 6 when the train takes me home again.

(I've adjusted some of the photos on the earlier entry btw, because they didn't match the captions.)

London Trip

Mar. 3rd, 2009 07:30 am
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On the 19th of April GunstarVixen and I will be in London getting a makeover (yeah, didn't think that sort of thing happened to me either. Blame my sister.) Anyway, we'd like to make a weekend of it, catch up with lots of people, maybe do some fabric shopping, karaoke etc. Let me know who's around and what you fancy doing. Would anyone fancy putting us up Saturday night?

Minami bounce and Minami terror have crept up on me this week. I'm really, really looking forward to the event, it's going to be awesome. I just wish I was a bit more motivated with my sewing, as I'm not sure I'm going to get everything done at this rate.
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My weekend and other animals. Includes many photos!

Edit - if anyone can see where I've fucked u my cuts, there are two missing :(

Obligatory Snow Photos )

Thursday... )

Friday... )
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Accomodation and transport booked for the ball. Now I just have to finish my costumes and sort my head out in time for the weekend. Stupid brain.

Last night was lovely. Went out to the Bathampton Mill for dinner and then, because the sky was clear, Cat, Alex Joe and I went up to the A420 and watched the stars. It's been a while since I've seen the Milky Way. Then the four of us came home and chatted until 1am. Then I had to get up for work. That was more sucky.

D&D on Thursday was made of all kinds of special. Well, Marcus kinds of special. On return to the resistance camp after dealing with some of the zombie apocolypse, Bandez was in need of a drink and Esselt was sulking. Thus Bandez got very drunk and Esselt...pissed in his beer.

Afterwards, Bandez fell asleep and Esselt went off to cause more trouble / get more revenge depending on who you spoke to. He ended up sneaking into Zephyr and Amari's room, and taking a dump in Zephyr's bag. Unfortunately for him, Amari woke up and grappled him. He ended up being hog-tied and hung out of a tree. This lead to some confusion below, especially for Charles.
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[ profile] same_difference was lovely and organised people into Bristol for shopping trip. i needed to pick up fabric for Wessex skit costume, foam for heads, and some things for [ profile] marmaladecat as well.

Hit Bristol around lunch time, met Warren and Judith and then headed down to a pub for lunch. Like all pubs called Hatchets it was impossible to find without an experienced guide. Once there, we met up with Mike, Amber, Jake and Laura. Victory for cosplay meetings! Have lovely lunch and chats with people I hadn't seen for too long.

Next stop was St Nicks for foam for heads for Kirara and Riiya-kun. Victory was achieved, and so we moved on to fabric land. Found everything I wanted (Though I forgot to buy more needles and a zip). Todays shopping list included

3 metres black satin
2 metres scarlet satin
1/2 metre black fur
1/2 metre bonta-kun fur
2 metres white semi-transulcent white fabric
2 metres lovely soft rasberry coloured fabric

After all the shopping was done and we'd said goodbye to people and made them promise to come to Wessex, we headed home. [ profile] same_difference finally finished all 104 button holes and there was much rejoicing. He put the whole costume on and it ooks fantastic. My first cosplay student, I'm so proud.

I've made good progress on my skit costume - the skirt is done but not hemmed, the bodice is made but I forgot the zip so can't go too much further. Tomorrow applique may happen or I may start work on the heads. I was a little worried when I made the pattern for the skirt out of newspaper and laid it out - it was immence and I was a little worried I'd not bought enough fabric, but it all seems to fit.

All in all a much better day than I've had in a while. It was so lovely to see people and still manage to get stuff done. Cosplay is going well, even with the six costumes I've got on the go at the moment, I still feel on top of things and when I make something, it's generally coming out right. One of Riiya's paws needs adjusting, but other than that, its all good. Though I may need to pick up another pillow as I'm running out of stuffing!

Hoping everyone else is having good weekends.
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As I will be 26 on Sunday. As such, please join me in a beverage of your choice on Thursday. I was planing on going to that nice cafe bar on Morland Road that we found when Mike was down. Then there will be a more reasonable selection than just coke for us non drinking types and I believe they do reasonable food at a variety of prices. I will aim to be there at about 8 (my time not Alex time :P)

No need to get me presents, as your lovely company is more than enough. That said, if anyone does want to pick me up the big plushie Nemo from the Disney Store, my inner child would be very happy. (She hasn't quite gone away after Alton Towers).

Let me know if you are planning on coming as if ther are a few it might be a good idea to ring ahead.

In other news, handing in notice was fun. Boss said "shit you've got the envelope" and "Bollocks". Everyone else was very happy. Day was still long and far too many bloody customers waited until gone 5 to ring us. Bastards.
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Weeekend was lovely as it combined fabric shopping, meeting lots of friends and cremating food on the alter of the barbeque god. (Barbeque god was clearly not pleased with offerings, and we had to appeal to the demon of the grill to get everything cooked, but hey, I got to play with fire, so all is well...)

Saturday morning, met up with Ilpala and Leena and took them on the scenic route to Bristol. (It was only scenic up to a certain point, and then we hit Bristol). Met up with Warren, Judith, Emmma and Dave, who had been raiding the army surplas shop for spare soldiers (or possibly just great coats), and spent time poking fabric in Bristol.

I now have:
3 metres o bright blue suiting;
2 metres of corresponding lining;
1 metre of really cheap black satin (£1.35 /m, yes please :)
1 metre of black stage satin;
3 metres of labrador coloured fur (not quite right, but very cheap)
1 square of pink fur for ears.

We also met up with Alex and Nat and Mike and Amber.

Later of was post shopping barbeque. It was lovely to have so many people around, thankyou everyone who came. Sorry barbeque cooking was quite special. We bitched about work, Marcus had a throne, and everyone ate Leena's yummy cheesecake.

Sunday was Wessex,and we have more people there than we'd had in a long time. We almost ran out of places to put people. Finished Pumpkin Scissors (very good, the ending wasn't really much of an ending, but that's because they are doing a second season, whoo!), and Ushio and Tora, (not really my thing, really). Ghost hunt continues to be very good. I like the monk, he's lovely.

Sunday evening started cosplay, and continued today. I've cut out bits for Marcello and Jessica, and got quite a bit done for Sora. The shirt is largely finished in shape, I need to make the neck a bit bigger, and then do the embroidery, and the jacket is starting to take shape. I have no idea how I will do his gloves.

This week is another 4 day week, as have friday off for the 36 hour. Then, I don't have to go back to work until a week on monday. Bliss!
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Right, now that the con is over, more costumes need to be made :) I think I've suggested to everyone the plan for a shopping trip / barbeque, so here is the rough plan.

Saturday the 1st of September, meet up in Bristol around 10.30 - 11.00 ish. We should be able to get all those going from Bath in one car, as I know not everyone (or possibly no one) enjoys driving in Bristol. There are also alternatives if no one wants to drive. There are two main places for getting fabric, plus various other Bristol shops as needed. Then, collect everyone and head back to Bath for barbeque (or possibly grilled food if the weather is shit!) at house of lovely. I have lots of sausages and burgers, so between the lot of us we should be able to collate a feast :)

This is an open invitation to anyone, feel free to come along to either part, just let me know.

Also, having seen the Triniy Blood costumes, I want a project. I want to a costume that will require more than anything I have ever done before, but I can take as long as I need to do, because I'm not planning to tie it down to any particular con. Any suggestions?
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We've been moved in for a while, but Joe and I would like to have a house warming party in our new place now we've got things more organised. Therefore Saturday 2 will be House of Lovely housewarming party, in the form of a barbeque.

All on friends list welcome along with assorted partners. I'll be contacting various others who may or may not be on LJ, and let me know if there is anyone else you want to invite. Please let me know if you are planning on coming, so I can get an idea of numbers.

We will provide some food and soft drinks, the more food people bring the more there will be to go around. Please bring your own alchohol, as I have no idea what people drink :) There will be space to crash over if you are coming from a long way away or want to drink, but again let me know so I can make sure rooms are clear. You will probably need to bring a sleeping bag etc.
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And dropped my mobile. Fortuantely a lovely guy (sorry Alex) picked it up, texted back the first message in my inbox and allowed me to track him down and reclaim my errant handset. I had locked my sim previous to this, so I won't be available by mobile until virgin send me my new on though, which should be some day this week.

Apart from that, which really pissed me off, the rest of the weekend was lovely. It was largely spent feeding people.

Thurday and Friday [ profile] almosthonest came round and we finished watching the rest of firefly. Greatly enjoyed that series, must seek out the film when it is released. It also has several ties to my D&D game, enough to prompt the comment "Did Joss Weadon ask you for plot ideas?" - Though he must have had them first technically.

Equivalences under the cut as they will be meaningless to anyone who is not in the game or has not seen Firefly )

[ profile] elmyra and [ profile] baloonworld came down for the weekend. It was lovely. We invaded Bristol on Saturday, ate noodles and aquired stuff. On Sunday we found [ profile] chiarah and fed her lunch. Then we had an adventure to PC World, made the Imac play Nirvana and scared the sales staff.

Aargh! Attractive women who know about computers!

In the evening I cooked a roast chicken with roast potatoes and parsnips and brussel sprouts (not roasted). It seemed to be apprciated, and we watched the first two back to the future films. They were great. Uttterly. And now everyone in the house wants a delorian. Again.

Alex we've kidnapped Mal and if you want him back you must provide a worthy ransome.

By this I mean we still have the slip from the dvd box set and if you want it back come round.


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