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And dropped my mobile. Fortuantely a lovely guy (sorry Alex) picked it up, texted back the first message in my inbox and allowed me to track him down and reclaim my errant handset. I had locked my sim previous to this, so I won't be available by mobile until virgin send me my new on though, which should be some day this week.

Apart from that, which really pissed me off, the rest of the weekend was lovely. It was largely spent feeding people.

Thurday and Friday [ profile] almosthonest came round and we finished watching the rest of firefly. Greatly enjoyed that series, must seek out the film when it is released. It also has several ties to my D&D game, enough to prompt the comment "Did Joss Weadon ask you for plot ideas?" - Though he must have had them first technically.

Equivalences under the cut as they will be meaningless to anyone who is not in the game or has not seen Firefly )

[ profile] elmyra and [ profile] baloonworld came down for the weekend. It was lovely. We invaded Bristol on Saturday, ate noodles and aquired stuff. On Sunday we found [ profile] chiarah and fed her lunch. Then we had an adventure to PC World, made the Imac play Nirvana and scared the sales staff.

Aargh! Attractive women who know about computers!

In the evening I cooked a roast chicken with roast potatoes and parsnips and brussel sprouts (not roasted). It seemed to be apprciated, and we watched the first two back to the future films. They were great. Uttterly. And now everyone in the house wants a delorian. Again.

Alex we've kidnapped Mal and if you want him back you must provide a worthy ransome.

By this I mean we still have the slip from the dvd box set and if you want it back come round.


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