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Aug. 4th, 2008 06:59 am
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I went to the cinema twice last week, which is more than I usually do in a year. You don't need my recommendation to see Batman. It's just as good as everyone says it is. Stop resisting. The other film we saw was Wall.E, and that doesn't seem to have been hyped so much.

Go see it, it's very, very good.

I like Pixar films anyway, but this was one of the best. Synopsis? The bastard offspring of Johnny-5 and a cardboard box is left on Earth for 700 years to clean up,and after this time isn't quite right in the head. He has a pet cockroach and his greatest wish is to hold someone's hand.

It's very sweet, the robots are adorable. But's not just sweet and funny. The underlying plot is both powerful and dark. Someone said they didn't think they pushed the enviromental message too much. I disagree, I think they would have had to try very hard to make it any less subtle. But it doesn't come across as preachy, so much as fatalistic. It's not "pollution is bad mmkay", as these sort of things often are. It's more "this is who you are, this is what you do. Look at where you are going." And it has very loud anti-corperation message, which is quite odd for a Disney film.

On a cosplay note, I think I can get everything done. I have today at work, then the rest of the week off. I'm hoping to finish the new costumes tomorrow, and have wednesday for checking over the couple of rewears I want to take. I have walked about in Sora's feet, and I can walk quite easily. I don't think I'll be able to scamper, and I haven't tried stairs yet.

Looking out the window, is anyone else converned that Amecon may well be ame-con?


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