Oct. 7th, 2007 07:14 pm
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This weekend, I have been mostly doing cosplay, though there have been bits of FFXII. Sora is largely done, though I do need to do his shoes, and the pumpkin hat thing.

I have been teaching myself applique and piping. Applique isn't too bad. I'm not terribly neat at it yet, but things look fine from a distance, and I think they'll look good in photos. Am using the buttonhole function on my machine, which isn't quite as large a stitch or as dense, but it does.

Piping is less fun. I stabbed my fingers so many times yesterday, hard enough to make me bleed at least three times which is unusual (my fingers are quite tough these days!). The material I've chosen for the piping is shiney and stretchy, which means it's hard to get in place and I have to pin it twice: once to the lining and then pin the top fabric in place. Still, the cape looked quite good when it was done. Just a frock coat to pipe now...

Did a bit of FFXII. Was pissed off with Vossler being suddenly hard as nails, so decided to perform esper-to-face technique, which was much more successful. Still the fact that he single-handedly managed to drop the esper down to about a third of its hit points when I'd been having so much trouble with my party shows how hard he was.

Having escaped and watched a big chunk of the imperial fleet go boom, it was back to Rabanastre. Decided to take out some marks. Have defeated the Nidhogg and the Rock Tortoise in the mines. The tortoise was a tough little bugger, needed to be softened up with my esper. Defeated it and took back to the moogle who had lost it in the first place. Stupid moogle. Should have made tortoise in a soup. That would have taught her.

Gave [livejournal.com profile] marmaladecat her presents. I think she approved.
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Work let us wear jeans for the jeans for genes charity day. However, we still had to wear work shoes and shirts, so all looked a little odd. Of course, it was important to keep half the dress code, becuase any of those visitors who didn't turn up to the office would have ignored our jeans and been impressed by out shirts. It was Mark's last day, so we've now lost one of the three experienced people who are definitely leaving.

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Oct. 3rd, 2007 08:14 am
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So, there I was walking along, committing an act of genocide on the desert tribe, killing tomato-heads for their sweet sweet fruit when suddenly...



My entire party had been turned into crispy critters by a big ball of flame casting firaga.

...Yeah. Met my first elemental.
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More FFXII bearding below the cut.

Walking carpet or six foot bunny-girl in armoured lingerie? Honestly, I think Balflier got the better deal... )

Today's mission.... Failed.


Sep. 30th, 2007 10:11 am
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So, yesterday I finally got pissed off with people bearding about FFXII and me still not owning a copy, so went I went off into Bath to pick up a copy. I went to Gamestation, they didn't have any. Eplay were shut, Game didn't have any. HMV did, but wanted £32 for it. Smiths didn't have a copy either. Tired, wet and about to head home, I decied to have one last look in Gamestation and found 4 copies for £17. Whooots. I may have stayed up until 2am playing it last night :)

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