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So very tired, but it was actually a very good weekend. There was still lots of work, lots of stress and I couldn't stand by Sunday evening, but it was rewarding work and there was plenty of fun involved too. Be warned, rambly post is rambly. Coherent thought patterns have not emerged yet.

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Memories of the weekend include

- Discussing the Chin of Italy
- Doing a double-take as someone with impressive facial hair comes up behind me, only to realise it's Annette.
- Theiving Darrin's chips
- Trying to get into Excel on Sunday and being told "You're not our cosplay staff." (They were quickly corrected)
- Discovering Minxie has the best chest for hugging
- James demonstrating to Jake that being tall is no excuse for not being able to dance.
- Timber's impression of a dying moth in the masquerade queue
- Tab's incressingly paniced face as various members of the group kept disappearing
- Being thanked by a Lulu cosplayer because she really enjoyed the masquerade.

I'm sure there was more, but I'm still really sleepy. I need to buy milk, tidy up the cosplay room, and sew things to other things. I wonder what I'll do first!
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And I have to say I really enjoyed myself.

I didn't get to catch up with people as much as I wanted, but I knew that was never going to happen. I did get to see lots of people, and spent the saturday evening in the bar with one lot, and dinner with another lot, so there was a bit of chilling. Also got to help a few people out with things, which was nice to be able to do.

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All in all, a long weekend of much craziness and comardery, and if I didn't have more exciting things cming first, I'd be looking forward to may. If you were at expo in the masquerade, let me know how I did and whether you' like me to do any more or anything differently next time. Thanks again to everyone who helped on the desk and made it all go so well. I love you guys :)


Sep. 15th, 2008 07:34 am
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Midlands Expo )

Plan for this weekend coming:

I'm planning on aiming for the zoo at about 10.00, so we'll see the Bristol people at the zoo. Bath people collate at my house between 9.00 and 9.15 and we'll sort out cars. I think we should all fit in one and Joe is happy to drive unless anyone else really wants to.

I'll book the restaurant for 8, which should give us plenty of time to get back and relax at mine before we go out again. As far as I know, they people who want a place at the restraunt are:
Me and Joe (dur!)
Alex and Nat,
Adrian and Dori,
Emma (and Doug too?)
Amber, Mike and Reece,
James and Leena.

Can people confirm that for me asap as I'd like to book the restraunt tonight. It's not a very big place so I suspect we might take up a good chunk of it and I want to give them plenty of notice. Anyone else, you have still time but you have to let me know!

Sunday plans can be discussed on Saturday.

One more thing - there are no cashpoints near my house so you will need to make sure you have money on you.
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Is anyone actually going and liely to be there on Friday night so I can say hello?


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