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Alton Towers on Thursday.

I'm so excited and so horribly certain something will go wrong...

Eye is largly better now. I still have to take antibiotics for a few more weeks, but its down to three drops a day now. I have a scar on my eyeball (which is kind of cool), but its towards the back so shouldn't affect my vision too much.

Also, in honor of today being International Talk like a Pirate day, we will be today living in the house of < pirate accent > Yaaagh! < / pirate accent >.
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Well, this weekend has been one of fun...

After spending friday curled up on the couch in my own little private world of pain, Mili-chan kindly took me to the walk in centre in Bath. A nice nurse call Carol examined my hideously swollen eyeball, went oooh a lot and then called in another nurse. She also went ooh, and the pair of them came to the conclution that I ought to go to A & E. They said it was all very exciting, and I was likely to be their most interesting case all day, but they didn't know what it was.

So go off to A & E and the doctor tells me I have an ulcer on my eye. That's right, I have an ulcerous eyeball. I didn't even know that was possible! Anyway, they've given me antibiotics, and I'm feeling much better now. My only major problem is that I have to take the eye drops once an hour. 24 hours a day. So no sleep for me.

I have the week off work, so if anyone is around and wants to drop in, I'd love to see you, though don't expect any witty conversation :)

Not going to make it to the 36 hour now either. Even if the infection has gone down, I'll want to sleep that weekend!


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