Jun. 19th, 2009 04:14 pm
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My cogs arrived! They're adorable. I need to find a container to put them in.

Going to try making another hat today, as my first attempt looks a bit, sucky really. I think I can see what went wrong (it's too big for a start), so I think I can sort it out.

D&D party managed to acquire new horses without too much hassle. (You see, pooling your money and going and buying them works nicely, though doesn't lead to any memorable tales to retell round the camp fire.) Things got a little bit more exciting when Esselt announced he wanted to either keep or sell Amari's horse, but the party talked him down. Esselt is still trying to think of a suitable revenge, but can't come up with anything that won't get him killed. So he's currently wandering around with a little pony that he doesn't quite no what to do with.

Other plans for tonight involve spicy tuna lasagna and Supernatural. Awesome.
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When we last left the party, they were tied up and being taken away to their fates by a group of paladins for the crime of, well, possibly expecting paladins to have a sense of humour. The only one still free was Bandez, the bard. He's the party's brains, moral compass (although not everyone is keen on following it) and so strong he can almost swim across river without drowning. And currently the party's only hope of keeping their heads attached to their necks.

On with the story... )

Finally, they made their way out of the city and Bandez revealed he was their saviour.
Talia - "You shaved off your beard for us?"
Charles - "You're a woman?"
Bandez chased Esselt around with a sap for a bit, and Charles hit him properly, but they were all too tired and hungry to really kill each other. Apart from Bandez, they have lost all their weapons, their horses (bye bye One Gold Piece) and any equipment they weren't carrying. But Castle Barrel is their next destination, so everything will be fine once they get there, right?

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Yeah, last night was one of those sessions that required the GM to leave the room and go and make coffee with a notepad as she worked out what to do. Sometimes, I can leave the party to it and they'll occupy themselves for an entire session and I can just sit back and laugh (and occationly beat down on them with NPCs). Sometimes, however, they make me think very carefully and very quickly when they do something really special.

I really wasn't expecting this... )

After the session, there was talk of the worst possible rescue party Bandez could arrive with. Ralph and Ged were mentioned, but Marcus decided that the worst one would be a group of battlebards led by Zephyr and if that was his only means of escape then Esselt would choose to stay in his cell.


Feb. 27th, 2009 07:51 am
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(Booked Aya accomdation in the same hotel as GunstarVixen and co. I'm not paying £50 per person per night for student accomodation.)

Game last night was cut short, so we didn't anywhere exciting. The party have had nothing bad happen to them for days and have stayed in two inns. Bandez is currently shitting himself.

We also had a brief discussion on what would happen if various party members were cloned. Cloning Charles would lead to the party being safe from pretty much anything with their own little army of death. Cloning Talia would be a bad idea because of the effect on Esselt. And cloning Esselt would mean he might have a chance of taking on Amari: "Hey, I'm my own flanking bonus!"

Don't expect any before and now photos from me, btw. I hate pictures of myself at the best of times.
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Discussing whether it would be a good idea just to tell everyone the turth in the hope of setting palandins against zombies, Talia annouced in a tired voice "Oh, let's not start another war!"

Esselt was saying that no one knew the higher functions of the resistance, because they were all spogs, but Charles pointed out that "They did know the higher fuctions becuase you [Esselt] did one in a bag."

Esselt also thought it would be a good idea to earn favour with the church by handing in Zephyr. The rest of the party reminded him that Zephyr's wife might have something to say about that, so Esselt suggested they just wait until night...


...And then swore lots.
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So, having fought some of the Zompocalpse and faced the even scarier situation of Esselt loose in a camp with Amari, the party made their way to the capital. There, Charles was disappointed to find the heads of his enemies already on poles outside the gates; the zombie army was firmly encamped in the city and the queen was outside. Esselt discovered that zombies are not like pages, and squires are like pages. The party is praying he never hears about ladies in waiting.

The queen had recieved a message from her husband saying that he taken back her city as a wedding present and was waiting in the castle for her. The party decided they better check it out first. Michael seemed very proud of his new toy, and explained he had got the power by going to the Sithi lands and picking up some of their artifacts, now that they were no longer around to stop anyone. Bandez nearly choked on his beard.

Turns out that the Sithi started worshiping a god of death as their culture and people were dying, and that's what's powering Michael's new army. Dutifully, they report back to the queen who tells them that she's going to take up Michael's offer and go and live with him, as no one else was likely to be able to get close to him to stand a chance of finding any artifacts he might have on him.

That was last week's session and was slightly (more) surreal as all the bright ideas and thoughtful insight came from Charles and Esselt, while Bandez and Talia, the usual party brains, were left two steps behind. Nobody was terribly happy with the situation, but recognised the queen was rights, so they set off to find the mother church and see if they could learn anything that might assist.

Most of this weeks session invovled planning their expedition, what they should be disguised as (not a page!); what to say to any priests/ paladins etc. They did stop off in the resistance camp. The resistance aren't terribly sure who they are resisting at the moment, as technically the country is ruled by two people who don't have a problem with music and have an army of zombies to back them up. However the army of zombies is capable of chewing anyone's face off, so they're being cautious.

Bandez was reminded that instilling your morals and values in your companions is never easy, and that shades of grey are completely wasted on some people. Esselt slept in Talia's parent's house, got baracaded in, escaped with the aid of her mother's bra and broke a tooth on a stone painted like a pastry. So he got off lightly.
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Accomodation and transport booked for the ball. Now I just have to finish my costumes and sort my head out in time for the weekend. Stupid brain.

Last night was lovely. Went out to the Bathampton Mill for dinner and then, because the sky was clear, Cat, Alex Joe and I went up to the A420 and watched the stars. It's been a while since I've seen the Milky Way. Then the four of us came home and chatted until 1am. Then I had to get up for work. That was more sucky.

D&D on Thursday was made of all kinds of special. Well, Marcus kinds of special. On return to the resistance camp after dealing with some of the zombie apocolypse, Bandez was in need of a drink and Esselt was sulking. Thus Bandez got very drunk and Esselt...pissed in his beer.

Afterwards, Bandez fell asleep and Esselt went off to cause more trouble / get more revenge depending on who you spoke to. He ended up sneaking into Zephyr and Amari's room, and taking a dump in Zephyr's bag. Unfortunately for him, Amari woke up and grappled him. He ended up being hog-tied and hung out of a tree. This lead to some confusion below, especially for Charles.
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So, last session the party discovered the world was more screwed than they though and there was an army of zombies heading towards the capital. They're not sure who's leading it; what it's plans are; or why said person has an army of zombies; but they're fairely sure it can't mean good news for them.

Party relations aren't going too well at the moment either. No one can look at Charles with a straight face, especially when there are sausages around. Bandez is still on about battle-bards and seems to think he might actually be able to fight. And Talia and Esselt are ready to do something dreadful to each other.

This led to more party formation puzzles. They have been given two teams of archers to make a strike on the army. Esselt and Talia both want to lead one of them. (Esselt thinks he's paid for enough stuff round here that it's his army). A certain pair of NPCs are also in the group. Now, the plan is to have two groups of archers flanking, and a third team to draw the enemies in between them.

Esselt cannot be in the same team as Zephyr and Amari. Esselt cannot be in the other team facing them (as someone might have an accident.) He also cannot be in the opposite team to Talia as accidents might also happen then. So Esselt's playing decoy whether he likes it or not.
Teams Page, Pastry and Pinapple have been decided.
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I was going to run D&D last night, but we all got a bit distracted by Soul Calibur. The rest of the party has been made with varying amounts of success. Charles is canned meat, which looks fine, and Talia looks awesome and has a cute hat. Bandez was unfortunately neither beardy or stocky enough. He does have chest hair though.

Then we decided to try the charecters out in a fight. Firstly, everyone beat up Esselt, because you have to really. Amari lost her first fight to Esselt, then he took her top off and it all wenr down hill from there. Or uphill, depending on your perspective. The new charecters were all fairly reasonable in a fight. Talia is a little wirlwind of death and fire; Bandez is far better in combat that he ought to be and Charles takes people's trousers off. Seriously. He must have undressed every male charecter he fought. (He is never, ever, ever allowed to fight Turk again.)

Finally I set up training so we could have a look at finishing moves. Esselt's move is to stick the morning star between his opponents legs and run them around like a wheelbarrow, so that was appropriate. Charles calls upon the power of Greyskull from the looks of things. Talia has a ninja split-in-three then kill you attack, which does nothing to dampen Esselt's enthusiasm for her. Disterbingly, Bandez and Zephyr pin their opponent to the floor and suck their soul out through the jugular. Clearly takes a certain sort to be a bard.
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There's sewing to be done!

Garden )

Cosplay )

Work and Bondage Monkey )

D&D )

Quote of the evening by Marcus (not Esselt) was:
"I like bananas; I like breasts; I like milk. It's like the holy trinity."
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More D&D specialness last night.

- It was discovered that Esselt likes things beginning with p: like pages, pastries and pineapples. He doesn't seem to like peace-for-Bandez though.

- The got to where they were going and had a nice meal, including pastries bought in by pages. Esselt was nearly overwhelmed with joy.

- They learnt about a new and creepy thing to go hunt down: Blood deer. Blood deer are like normal deer, except they muzzles like dogs and human hands instead of antlers. They also like the taste of flesh.

- Got soaked in a rainstrom while searching for deer and ended up hiding in a dead gravedigger's cottage.

- Noticed, illuminated by a flash of lightnigh, that Esselt's horse had wandered off. Another flash of light showed it was eating a rabbit.

- Charles went to get it back, and it took a bite out of him.
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So, last session the party heard screaming while they slept that this time wasn't in their heads. So half the party set off to investigate while the other half followed behind, resigned to their fate.

After finding some dismembered coprses, they tracked some footprints and found three zombies locked up in a cave. Esselt, Talia and Bandez finished them off. Charles wanted to let them out and cleave them to pieces, but others pointed out that zombies in a cave meant no risk to them. Having seen Charles in action later, there probably wasn't any risk either way.

It was clear that the nearby town was invovled in this, but they didn't know how deeply it went. They could have left knowing they'd got rid of the zombies, or gone in to interrogawte people, but Bandez had a better idea: leave evidence to show that someone had been in the cave and wait to see who turned up.

Sure enough, two men appeared, looking quite concerned that there could be zombies behind any tree. Charles jumped down in front of one and offered him surrender or death. He choose death, so Charles promptly chopped him in half. The other man ran off and returned with a zombie bear.

After the fight was over they decided to sho the town trhat they had been fred from this evil by taking the bear's head with them. (Esselt made them hold off on this plan while he went to buy pastries). The town was terribly grateful at being presented with a zombie bear head and there was much waving of torches and pitch forks until they left. And then there was much rejoicing.

In short, Adrian was a one man army and Alex made me go and plot halfway though the session. Now I need to get motivated and get as much cosplay done as possible before Crisis Core turns up.


Mar. 28th, 2008 04:27 pm
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I got fabric samples in the post. Yays for fluffy mail.

Yesterday was short session, as I didn't want to do too much without Dori. The party finished off the last bit of plot I had from the week before. They'd just found found a destered looking castle and on further investigation found it was full of bits of dismembered corpse and a handful of live paladins who fighting for the amusement of a stranger. Last week they killed off the paladins and Charles had chased the man upstairs. Yesterday carried on from that point.

On seeing a thundering Charles the man decided to use his last ace and threw a bottle at the floor. When the resultant smoke had disapated, Charles was left charging towards a chimera. I think the chimera was slightly more suprised, as it had just come into existance and Charles couldn't stop. But it was close. Still, Charles managed to own the chimera's ass, taking it down almost single-handedly. He would have done if he hadn't missed once, letting Esselt finish it off. The stranger was stupid and decided to hang around, so ended up being pinned to the back wall by series of Bandez-inspired crossbow bolts.

The party finished him off rather than question him, so they didn't learn anything about that plot. Bandez has aquired some shiney things, by showing Esselt how a real man does slight of hand. It was a good short session: Charles and Esselt caused impressive amounts of death (although Esselt was later very saddened to discover a dead page), and Bandez was musically inspiring, battle cordinating and all of the sticky fingers. The castle, which has been named Castle Barrel, has been left to come back to later.


Feb. 22nd, 2008 08:47 am
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Sent party to Silent Hill, or at least creepy misty village of mist, zombies, desecrated churches and little girl corpses. They met a ghost, that wasn't happy and touched them in unpleasant ways, but despatched her spirit and burned the rest of the bodies (they didn't have any salt, though throwing Esselt on the fire was tempting.)

Managed to have the party, Amari, Zephyr and Miranda in one small house and everyone was civil to each other. What's up with that?
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Last few weeks I have been taking part in [livejournal.com profile] almosthonest's D and D game. It's a nice change to just turn up on the night without have sat down worrying about plot, stats and who's got who on their current hit list. The game is set in a country which has an encrouching magical force that is slowly currupting the land. It is held back by a wall, but ever so slowly it is winning. We are a group of wall-rangers, sent out into the spill beyond the wall to do missions to help civilisation push back the wilderness. Currently we are looking for a tower and a crystal to help make purple lightening.

My charecter is Leo the paladin. He's strong, pretty and not terribly bright. He has a very set world-view and tends to blind himself with his own self-righteousness, rather than convincing anyone else. I think the party must think he's a bit of a liability, given the environment we're in.

On monday's session Leo was not having a good day. I think it was because I managed to roll all my intelligence checks was natural twenties. Thinking hard is obviously painful. First problem came when we found some giant centepedes. Critical fumble and managed throgh my sword about 30 foot away. Even worse, Adrian's wolf companion was nearby, saw something go flying and decided to go fetch, taking him out of the fight too. It was a good thing he didn't drop the sword on his foot, because he can do enough damage in a round to knock himself out.

A bit later, we found the tower adn Leo was introduced to zombies. Apparently the best weapon against zombies isn't a sword, but some blinding cleric-light, which Leo can't do. He doesn't think this is fair. After that, we continued on and suddenly all the lights went out (or, more precisely, we walked into an area of magical darkness.) There was an octopus thing, which we couldn't see, because no one could get rid of the darkness. Leo managed to kill it though blind luck and sword swinging. It wasn't all plain sailing though:

*clang as Leo hits a wall with his sword*
Vorandil: "Did you through your sword away again Leo?"
Leo: "We shall never speak of that again!"

After that, there were more zombies, which again didn't die when you plunged a sword into them, and eventually we found the stairs to the next level. Before we could get to the stairs, we had to kill a tenticled garbage monster, which managed to grab Leo, sqeeze all the breath out of him, bang him against the floor and leave him bleeding in a heap. One healing spell later, and Leo is ready to start the next level with all of two hit points :)

In non D&D related news, I have sewn on Kirara's tails, so that costume is finished. Just need to finish off Marchello, and dye my hair again.

*Bounce* *Bounce* *Bounce* *Bounce* *Bounce* *Bounce* *Bounce* *Bounce* *Bounce* *Bounce*
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I really don't think Esselt is going to survive much longer.

The party began the session by completeling their previous mission and earning military support for Miranda. Heartened, they headded off to tell her the good news. On the way, they stopped off at the resisance camp, to discover several things: the camp was openly arming; Zephyr and Amari were nowhere in site (probably good news but not so much fun for Esselt); their latest rescued muscian was alive and well.

A number of paladins had been seen moving from the direction of the capital to the boarder, and considering what the queen had told her, Lydia was making preperations for war. After reassuring the party that the resistance weren't as stupid as they might have thought, she sent them on their way to the capital. Not, however, before Esselt had had the chance to go visit Talia's parents again. They were quite confused to see him, especially when he then proceeded to demand dinner. When nothing was forthcoming, he made it himself. Talia arrived before too much damage was done and her parents told her that they would always support her, but was she really sure this was the right choice for a husband. At this point Talia is fuming, leading Badez to comment to Turk "I thought you were the going to be the first to snap and kill a party memeber." Turk agreed, and also commented that as Zephyr had gone to the capital to find out what was happening, chances are they would arrive and find it in flames.

Eventually the party is rounded anf head off. When they reach the capital, they find it is indeed burning. There are various ruomers from the people leaving, including the queen being dead or imprisoned. As they make their way though the city, they are set upon by a bunch of looters, which goes horribly wrong for everyone except Bandez (even Turk took time to find his stride). Then Amari snuck up on them, which did nothing to improve anyone's mood.
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Yesterday there was a truely nasty violent hail / rain storm between Bath and Bristol. And the wind has been making zombie noises round the house for a few days now.

My cosplay hasn't progressed any further technically, because I decided to take Marchello's coat off the lining completely, put some more panels in, re-line and then repipe. The piping is now all pretty much spot on (I no longer fear piping) and it hangs much better and actually fits. Which is good. I need to put the fastenings in and do the cuffs, then it's good. I also brushed out my wig for secret costume. I's a very cheap wig, so I new it was going to be crappy, but I managed to give myself blisters combing it out. And it's still not quite finished.

Monday was spent playing D&D at Alex's. It's nice to play again for a change. I managed to slaughter a half orc and a spider, but I missed the spider that had latched onto the top of Adrian's elf's head like a face-hugger with a poor sense of direction. Fortunately I missed the elf's head too. I also managed to roll a one on every spot check that night. Ser Leo is so righteous he blinds himself.

And finally, some questions below the cut as requested by Ashechan )
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(Note about the title: It only seems to be the charecters who suffer; players and GM all tend to have fun).

Following the seasonal break (ponders setting up some kind of Christmas equivalent and pouring goodwill and presents down the party's throats. They'd probably find it much more traumatic than facing an army of paladins), there was a brief panic when I couldn't find which ohne of myriad notebooks had the plot in it (or at least the plot of the game). Joe rightly pointed out that if the notebook went back in the D&D draw after I was done writing, I'd make my life easier, but who wants that?

The party had finally reached the location that they were ultimately heading for, on their mission to bring back a fostered noble. They stopped to camp adn plan their assult, but made the unfortunate decision of allowing Esselt to cook. He manager to give food poisoning to most of the party, apart from himself, and Turk, who wasn't going to touch that shit.

Nezt day, Talia, Charles and Esselt went of to try adn carry out their misson by pursausion, while Turk and Bandez stood ready to assult the castle at a moment's notice. The rescue attempt when far too smoothly for the party to be happy with, especially as this is the place where Bandez may have done a bit of flaying a while ago.

Quote of the evening:
Bandez on Esselt and Talia - Well you argue all the time and you don't have sex so that's just the same as being married.

D & D

Nov. 30th, 2007 07:43 am
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Last session, the party had just finished off a group of paladins of Yangus, and were licking their wounds. This session started off with a cleanup operations - push the bodies off a cliff; push the armour off a cliff further down the coast etc. But what to do with four snowy white chargers? Bandez and Talia wanted to dye them, whereas Esselt was just dying to kill them. (It had been a long time since he had a decent amount of meat.) After a bit of discussion (where discussion was largely telling Esselt no), bardic knowledge was used, plants were boiled and eventually four snowy white chargers turned brown. It was probably a good thing for the party that paladins chose to ride white horses not black ones.

They sold the chargers off at some nearby farms and legged it into town. There the party split up to perform various errands. Talia went to the nearest inn to gather information. She quickly fell in with a group of sailors on shore-leave who bought her drinks. Bandez to Charles shopping to show him the art of haggling and to count the number of paladins in town, in case there was a higher number than usual. After that, they headed up to the castle, and were invited to join in a betrothal feast.

Esselt annouced he had an errand to do on his own, so naturally Turk followed him.I think everyone, like me, was expecting Esselt to go off and do something to further his revenge against Zephyr. However, when he had shaken off Turk (well, told Turk to piss off), he headed into the poor district and distributed his money to urchins and beggers. Afte he had shaken off a trail of happy children, he headed back to the pub to find Talia happily drinking with the sailors. In order to rescue her, he announces he is her husband. This doesn't go down well with anyone, but fortunately Bandez arrives and is able to diffuese the situation.

Bandez explained that he had been invited to dinner with Charles, but not the rest of them, which pissed off Esselt even more as he will miss out on pages. At the allotted hour, Bandez and Charles went off to the castle, Talia and Esselt found an inn, and Turk found a high classs brothel and was very happy doing things the players didn't want to think to hard about!

Up in the castle, Bandez and Charles discover that, despite the festivities, it is not a terribly happy household. The lord's second wife had died about a year ago and his daughter had barely said a word to anyone since. The lord barely seemed to notice the girl, but doted on his son, the product of his first marrige. The also learnt that the castle they were heading to to carry out their mission was somewhere they had visited before. A paticularly unpleasant event had occured there a few months earlier - a young landy had been kidnapped and found alone in the snow, with skin flayed from area of her leg.

After the meal, Bandez and Charles were shown to rooms and left to sleep. When they woke up, they were quickly summoned to the the lord, who accused them of poisoning his son. Bandez managed to talk him out of throwning them both in the dungeon straight away, and promised to to go and get people who could help. Charles was left in the castle as insurance. In town, Bandez bumped into Talia, and through a series of nudges and winks got the situation across to her. She went to wake Esselt.
"Get up Esselt. Bandez is in trouble and we need to go under cover."
"Under covers? But we're not even married! Oh well, get in."
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It's quiet. Too quiet...

The party have made it through their stay at the resistance camp with mimimal problems. This may have been down to good planning and copius amounts of alcohol, but hey, no one's bleeding, no armies have attacked and no forest squid have sucked anyone's brains out. So Turk and Bandez are a little jumpy.

As they are finishing off breakfast, Esselt makes a comment about Banez's ability with a rapier. Bandez can't let this pass, and offers a chance to proove himself - a gentleman's dual with Esselt. To first hit, nothing nasty. Esselt agrees, but seems to have misheard the part about a swordfight, so by the time Bandez has drawn his rapier, Esselt has put two crossbow bolts in him.

Nobody is terribly happy about this, least of all Bandez. The other resistance memebers who have been watching and expecting a good fight, all start jeering and demanding a rematch. Esselt points out he doesn't have a sword, and is promptly handed Zephyr's sword. The fight begins again, and again Esselt gets the first hit. Bandez still isn't happy, but accepts he lost fair and square.

Esselt walks off, still carrying Zephry's sword. Various party members try to convince him to give it back, but Eseelt isn't listening. Zephyr knows he can't beat Esselt in a fight, so casts a suggestions spell on him - for the next ten hours, Esselt thinks that everything Zephyr says is a really good idea and goes off to do it. Zephyr's first suggestions are to give back the sword and go and make him breakfast, which Esselt promptly goes off to do.

The rest of the party wait for Miranda, who soon appears and then (once they've collected Esselt from his breakfast tasks), ride off towards her uncle's castle. Turk and Bandez are even more worried. Nothing's gone wrong yet. Even Esselt didn't get himself into that much trouble, although it may get worse when the spell wears off.

Later, they reach the castle. They are treated well, there are no armies, nothing bad is still happening! Miranda goes off to speak to her uncle, while the party are left to stew in a room. Turk and Bandez are visibly sweating, Charles is pissed off with Zephyr, Talia is optimistic and Esselt has just realised something.

"Something's very wrong Bandez."
"I've got the strange urge to make Zephyr breakfast."
"Really?" Bandez and Turk take up position by the door, ready to stop Esselt if he goes out on a mission of revenge.
"Yeah. And then I'll make him eat it. Rectally."

Esselt is later cheered up by the idea that Turk put money on Bandez winning the fight, and so lost a silver.

The queen arrives and tells them that her uncle will not commit forces to her yet, because his son is fostered off to another lord who he suspects has designs on the throne. He is concerned that if he seen to act with the queen, something will happen to his heir. So, the party have a new mission. Go bring the boy back, and check out the opinions in any castles they come to on the way.

They leave the castle and no disaster falls. However, on the costal road, they come across 4 aromoured men, riding towards them. They appear to be paladins, but they are also wearing four symbols on their tabbards and cloaks: the symbols of Yangus! Fight enuses, Charles is mounted death and meatshield, Turk avoides taking a blow, Bandez gets a suggestion off on one of the fallen paladins, but has to watch as his source of information is chopped down by the remaing paladin, proving that paladins are sneaky bastards whichever continent they come from.

Still, bad stuff has happened, and that makes Turk and Bandez feel much better.


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