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But defintely not feeling it.

Have smexy new tv, PS3 and Soul Calibur to make sure I don't act my age.

Had a wonderful day at the zoo on Saturday. It was a georgeous day, and the zoo had lots of facinating animals. While I know some people don't I personally think a well run zoo is a good thing. Obviously keeping animals in captivity isn't the necessarily the best thing, but given the destructive march of humanity across the planet and the rate at which habitat is disappearing, sometimes captive breeding programs are all that are keeping many species from extinction. This in turn requires money, and opening the doors and displaying the animals is a good way to do this. Plus allowing people up close makes things more real. Suddenly creatures aren't just something off the TV, they're right there. Hopefully this will mean they are more likely to want to protect and care for what they have seen.

The meal in the evening was the restraunt's usual standard of damn good, and I'm really grateful to everyone who came. We had to kidnapp Mike, Amber adn Reece, but we got them there in the end. Then spend most of Sunday chatting with them and Arkayen who was also down in Bath that weekend.

Photos of the zoo under a cut.

Bristol Zoo in the sun... )


Sep. 15th, 2008 07:34 am
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Midlands Expo )

Plan for this weekend coming:

I'm planning on aiming for the zoo at about 10.00, so we'll see the Bristol people at the zoo. Bath people collate at my house between 9.00 and 9.15 and we'll sort out cars. I think we should all fit in one and Joe is happy to drive unless anyone else really wants to.

I'll book the restaurant for 8, which should give us plenty of time to get back and relax at mine before we go out again. As far as I know, they people who want a place at the restraunt are:
Me and Joe (dur!)
Alex and Nat,
Adrian and Dori,
Emma (and Doug too?)
Amber, Mike and Reece,
James and Leena.

Can people confirm that for me asap as I'd like to book the restraunt tonight. It's not a very big place so I suspect we might take up a good chunk of it and I want to give them plenty of notice. Anyone else, you have still time but you have to let me know!

Sunday plans can be discussed on Saturday.

One more thing - there are no cashpoints near my house so you will need to make sure you have money on you.


Sep. 8th, 2008 11:52 am
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I will be even closer to 30 in a couple of weeks, so to compensate, I'm planning on going on some exciting trips and hope that as many people as possible will come too. This is an open invitation to all f-list, and I'll have to poke the people without LJs seperately. Currently, my thoughts run like this:

Saturday 20th September - Bristol Zoo. They have 3 foot bats, that's enough to get me to go, aside from anything else!

Satuday evening - Meal out somewhere. I'm thinking the Indian down the road from my house, as it is by far the best Indian food I have ever had and it's a short stagger away, which makes co-ordinating people easier. If people object / are poisoned by Indian, it's no hassle to find somewhere else.

Sunday 21st September - Cheddar Gorge. Caves and cheese. It's a good combination.

We have a bit of room if people want to crash over from further afield, just let me know. I have two couches, a double and a single airbed, and any availble floor!

Let me know if you want to come to some or all of the events, whether you would like crashspace and if you are coming by train / have no transport so I can check that there is someone willing to give you a lift to places. Also let me know if you would like a change of dinner plans. Annette and Phil have first refusal of things as I already (vaguely) mentioned this to them.

'd love to see as many people as possible!


Sep. 21st, 2007 09:15 pm
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Last night was lovely. I highly recommend the food at the Velo lounge. It's not the cheapest in Bath, but it was hardly expensive and was really tasty. And they did a cheese platter for dessert, with proper chuntney. Even better, it had pirate cheese (Chornish Yaargh). I was a happy well fed Ailsa-chan.

Thanks to everyone who did come. There was a lovely crowd of people willing to while away an evening with me and I really apprciated seeing everyone who came. It was a shame it was quite noisy, but I table hopped so I could speak with everyone.

Thanks for all my presents too, especially to Mili-chan, who wins the universe for sending me the most enormous Nemo plushie in the post! See below:
Cut for giant fishes! )
I have been hugging it all evening, but it's a bit too big to sit on my lap while I type!
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As I will be 26 on Sunday. As such, please join me in a beverage of your choice on Thursday. I was planing on going to that nice cafe bar on Morland Road that we found when Mike was down. Then there will be a more reasonable selection than just coke for us non drinking types and I believe they do reasonable food at a variety of prices. I will aim to be there at about 8 (my time not Alex time :P)

No need to get me presents, as your lovely company is more than enough. That said, if anyone does want to pick me up the big plushie Nemo from the Disney Store, my inner child would be very happy. (She hasn't quite gone away after Alton Towers).

Let me know if you are planning on coming as if ther are a few it might be a good idea to ring ahead.

In other news, handing in notice was fun. Boss said "shit you've got the envelope" and "Bollocks". Everyone else was very happy. Day was still long and far too many bloody customers waited until gone 5 to ring us. Bastards.


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