May. 25th, 2007 07:59 am
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Can I just explain, to all the people who have been writing into newspapers recently, why homeopathy doesn't have any side effects?

Because it doesn't have any active ones! There is not chemical benefit from it.

Now STFU. Thankyou.

Rant time

Oct. 22nd, 2006 12:42 pm
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Let me start by saying I dislike what the Muslim full veil represents. I dislike the idea that women should be forced to cover up like that. I also agree with the decision that the teaching assistant should not be covered up when doing her job, as it is preventing her doing it properly and I do not think it is wrong to ask a woman to remove her veil when having serious and important conversation with, say, her MP, provided you respect her answer. This is because we put a lot of emphisis on body language, and in a sat down face to face conversation, the expresion of a person is going to show most of this.

However, to the Express: FUCK OFF.

Let me explain. Yesterday's headline was Ban It, with a picture of a woman in full veil walking down the road. I didn't read much of the artical, but it was largely along the lines of "how long will us poor english have to put up with these filthy foreigners and their filthy foreign ways, waily waily waily.

If you feel uncomfortable seeing a woman dressed like this walking down the street then it is you that has the problem, not her. The response that when abroad, the British will respect other cultures by covering up does not hold becase: a) many people don't and b) there is nothing in our culture that says you cannot dress like this.

Should we start banning anything people feel uncomfortable with? What about women in skimpy clothing? What about dogs? I know lots of people who feel unconfortable with dogs around them? Or children? (Child-free is a rant for another day).

This says nothing of the fact that this is not news. This is opion. There is so little news and so much bias in pretty much every paper these days.

One final thing while I'm ranting. Everyone remembers the MMR - autism link that was widely reported a few years ago, right? The last shed of possible evidence was refuted recently, but you'd never realise looking at most of the press. See link below for more details.
Bad Science


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