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Warning, longpost will be long and contain many photos. Enter at your peril!

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On Monday I was lucky enough to catch up with a few people in the canteen, so got to say "see you next time" all over again. In short, the con was fantastic, the cosplay was awe inspiring and the people were amazing. I don't think I would have enjoyed myself if I hadn't had so many lovely people to hang around with and keep me company. So massive hugs to:
James: Mr Cosplay and Captain Birdseye, and lovely Lunar-Kitten;
Lou, Beks and Mary;
The wee scottish princesses Eli and Angela;
Karen (sorry I missed your workshop!);
Anette and Phil;
Kat and Amy-Lou;
Amber and Mike;

I'm sure I've forgotten people (it's due to tiredness, not because I don't love you, promise).

Hopefully I'll catch up with you soon. I'll probably go to expo, and we have our tickets to the Cosplay Ball. Joe and I are planning to make a weekend of it so I'd love it if people fancied joining us. It would be nice to co ordinate a big group, stay in the same hotel and then go and do things like shopping, karaoke and eating yummy food before hand.


Nov. 23rd, 2007 07:42 am
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More than half the regestered spaces for Amecon have gone! Only half of those are paid up so far, but that's because registration has only been open a couple of days and their cheques are probably in the post. You can pay by cheque or pay online.

If you are thinking of going, register now! I'm looking at you Rachel! And everyone who is going to Minami. There won't be a chance to register after Minami is over, as the waiting list will be massive by then. If you wait, you'll find your self in the horrible position of going "Wow, that was amazing, I want more cons and more cosplay! What, Amecon is sold out and I cannot go? Oh the angst!"

And nobody wants to be in that position.

And you'll miss the cosplay ball! How can you miss the cosplay ball?
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Was mostly spent dosed up on painkillers and hinding in the cosplay room. On saturday, I built a desk, so I could finally move my sewing machine out of the kitchen. It's not a very well built desk, but it's not in any danger of falling down so its fine for the moment.

Emma came round on Saturday evening, and we wnt though her CV and gave her some interview advice then Dom, Andy and Matt turned up, which was nice, as I hadn't seen Matt or Andy in a long time.

Sunday, more cosplay. At least Im being productive right now. Jessica's costume has gone from a few scraps of material to resembling roughly the right thing (GG: which is still just a few scraps of material). I need more elastic, and then I need to put the lace on. Made a couple of garters, but despite careful measurements, I don't think they'll go round my thighs, so may end up being scrunchies.

Some not terribly god photos of my cosplay room )

Also - AMECON regestration is now open! Whoos. I expect most of the cosplayers will know this already, but for those who don't - go sign up now. Amecon is the UK's largest con, about 1300 people up in Leicester. It is the con of parties every night, culminating in the cosplay ball, which was absolutely fantastic last year. See for details and then regester!


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