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I did't take many - was too busy having a good time :). But the few I did take, including a video of [ profile] hotpork getting dunked in a fountain, are below the cut.

The Great Alton Towers Adventure, 2007 )
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I am shattered. My feet hurt and have some fairly impresseive blisters. I've got bruises all over me and I've subjected my body to things that it probably wasn't intended to. (Like being shot out of a rail gun and thrown around a pinball machine.)

And I loved every minute of it.

Thankyou so much to everyone who came, it was a wonderful holiday, even if I do need another one to recover!

Let's do it all again next year :)
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One long shower later and I am still covered in glitter. My pillow is all sparkly and I've covered myself in it when I brushed my hair. I may have to pin down Flo and glitter him at Alton Towers, but I doubt he'd mind too much.

Anyway, set out plan is thus: Drivers set out at 6am, pick up passenger one and then passenger two, aiming to leave Bath between 6.15 adn 6.30. Breakfast stops will be at driver discression, as there are only two cars going from Bath so there is less requirement to have a stop and catch up session.

Any last minute questions, concerns etc? Everyone know who they are taking and where they live? It's probably a good idea to check out where the B&B is. Their website is here:

Bassically, Uttoxetre is the last town we pass through, about 15 minutes before the park. The B&B is on the left of a roundabout just before a stretch of dual carridgeway, right on the edge of town.

Now, to clean the house and put away the larp stuff. Anyone who is around and awake and wants to pop round for coffee, let me know.
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Can people check here:

Aand let me know what they want. I have booked the table, but they want to know in advance what we are having due to party size. I recommend the two for one thing, which appears to be all the main meals, just excludes the sandwichy things.

I was thinking of getting 3 combos-for-4 as its much cheaper than indevidual starters, can people let me know if they don't want this, and what starter they'd want instead (if any.)

Please can you do this asap, as I need to get back to the restaurant. Todya would be great. Can someone poke Flo and make sure he and Lucy respond, cheers.
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Nearly time! Has everyone got tickets who was planning to book them online? Cos if you haven't I'd do it today at the latest.

Plan is probably to leave Bath just after 6am, and stop in the usual serivces on the M5. (Anyone remember which ones they were?)

I'll book us a table in the same place we went to last time on a meal on Wednesday evening.

Don't worry about a theme as it's a bit late to organise anything, but if you want to come in costume, then do so :)

Any questions?
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Shuffled holiday around, so can now run the Alton Towers trip on wednesday 12th of Septemeber and thursday 13th of september. Hopefully this means that we can now get more people going. Please let me know if you now can come, or if you now can't come ASAP so I can get things booked. Looks like Alton towers are doing 2 for the price of one tickets, will have to check t&cs on that.
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The next alton towers trip will be 13th -14th of September. Current plans are same park, same b&b and same restraunt, though if anyone has better suggestions....

Also we need a theme.

For those who haven't been, the great Alton Towers Adventure is a two day trip to, funnily enough, Alton Towers. We head up early on thursday morning, spend all day in the park, then leave and spend the evening in Uttoexetre, where we will go out for a meal. Crash in a B&B, (the water bed is mine!) and then back to the park on friday, before heading back in the evening. The park is usually quiet as the kids have gone back to school, and the weather is normally resonable. Rough costs are looking like: £24 per person per day for the tickets, £25 for B&B - tough I need to check this and the restraut did 2 meals for £10 last year.

Invitation open to anyone on friends list - this includes you Usagi 1/2, as we don't see enough of you!
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So, the great Alton Towers adventure is all over. It ws over far too quickly in my opinion. But I did enjoy it immensely.

Thursday involved getting up far too early for most people's tastes and bombing in up to Staffordshire. Charlene, Pete and Joe's sister Amy slept in the back most of the way. The car proved that while it doesn't like slow speeds and travels up hills like a fat otaku, it takes motorways like the bitch they are. Stopped off in the services on the way up, where Marcus gave me a brithday flower. Asked him where he knicked it from, and it turned out he'd stollen it from the vase in the toilets...

Arrived at the park at just after 10 on thursday morning. Collected everyone except [personal profile] almosthonest and [profile] roadkillgerbil, who were a bit lost. Waited for the monorail and went yaah alot. Investigated various rides once in the park.

Rides )

Went out for a meal on thurday evening to a nice hotel that did very resonable priced food, the sort of things you used to get at the Royal Oak. One table was very intellectual and talked about books and politics, while the other talked about larp. This was until they noticed Amy sitting with them, so in order to entertain her, Hobbit constructed a fectional life for the pair of them. I belive they were married, had a kid, which then drowned adn now Amy is filing for devorce or similar.

Friday was back to the park. Unfortuately the tail end of a hurricane meant that the afternoon was very, very wet. We did the water rides, as we weren't going to get any wetter. Me, Mili-chan and Marcus then went off and spent the last half hour of the day doing Nemesis, the front seat of Air, and then the Front seat of Nemesis. Nemesis in particular felt very fast on the last couple of goes. I don't know if it was the rain, or if they just cranked it up.

Then it was all over. Joe got us home safely, adn then we slept. Lots.

So, people who went:

Favourite ride, any quotes that need writing down and will you go again?
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Alton Towers on Thursday.

I'm so excited and so horribly certain something will go wrong...

Eye is largly better now. I still have to take antibiotics for a few more weeks, but its down to three drops a day now. I have a scar on my eyeball (which is kind of cool), but its towards the back so shouldn't affect my vision too much.

Also, in honor of today being International Talk like a Pirate day, we will be today living in the house of < pirate accent > Yaaagh! < / pirate accent >.


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