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Monday and Tuesday were my weekend this week, and I spent it putting my sewing machine through his longest workout since Ame. I've made really good progress on the ball costumes (Grand cosplay, not expo ball, even with the progress I'm making they're not going to be done in a week!).

Lia's skirt is now one big circle (well, 7/8ths of a circle). I was really worried I wouldn't get it all cut out of the fabric I had, because while I bought the same amount as I did for Rozy, there is a direction to velvet and this meant I could only cut peices out in a certain direction. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to stroke my skirts properly, and I'm sure that would disappoint someone. The top is starting to take shape, though I'm having a bit of trouble with the sleeves. They're multipart, slightly puffed sleeves, and they're asymettric, which means one is a left sleeve and one is a right sleeve. And does the pattern tell me which one is which? Does it bollox. I'm hoping I've got the wrong sleeve in the wrong hole, despite my best guess, because otherwise they don't sit very well.

I also have the main body of the frock coat for Douran, but I could only get so far because I started cutting things out and realised that when I bought the fabric, I neglected to buy anything like thread, zips, lining, interfacing etc. All the other little components to a costume. I've been able to do a bit with what I had lying around, but I've run out of interfacing, which means I cant do the cuffs, which means I can't do the sleeves, so it's a fairly armless coat at the moment.

Have also discovered that velvet sheds horribly when you cut it and I'm allergic to this too. Not as bad as Sora, but still. It's a good thing I only have trouble making cosplay and not wearing them.


Oct. 20th, 2008 11:35 am
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...Is now booked up.

Hope everyone got their place in time! I'm not sure what time regestration opened, but that's full in less that 12 hours. I guess everyone was sitting there at midnight refreshing their browsers frantically.

Now, to cosplay!
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Had a look round Bath on the chance that there was something I needed yesterday and discovered that the shop in Green Street had had a load of velvet in recently. Victory! Wasn't cheap, but certainly wasn't expenive - only 50p a metre more than the stuff I had been looking at in fabric land. Checked they had the right shade of green and lots of red, and went away so I could come back tomorrow with a bag.

Got in today, rooted all the way through the section (it's one of those lovely shops that you have to rummage through because they don't have enough room to lay everything out) and could not find the green. Asked at the counter and discovered it had all been sold yesterday. Someone apparently needed 70 metres of stuff, including all the green in two different shades. The good new is that all hope is not lost: it's all reserved, and if they don't pick it up today I can claim it tomorrow. Also got perfect red velvet for Lia's dress. I ended up paying only £1 more than if I'd got the not-quite-right fabric in fabric land and geting 1/2 a metre free as it was the end of the roll.

Victories of a sort. Now I have to make it into a dress.

Also, I can now say Joe has been wonderful and awesome and got me an otter adoption! I couln't say until now as we gone one for someone else and didn't want to risk spoiling the surprise. So now I am helping towards the upkeep of Buffy the otter. Yay!
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I have so far made Saffron, Amari and Zephyr in SC, with varying amouns of success. The first time I played Saffron, Rachael-chan stripped her, so I had to beat her charecter with a Saffron-in-uunderwear. It was horribly appropriate. (You can break armour on charecters. This means depending on what you break and what else they were wearing, you can get charecters quite naked.) Then we played Zephyr versus Yun-Seong and there was armour coming off left right and centre. Joe said we were bloody fan-girls.

Rachael's missed us. She hasn't had any conversations about boobs recently. I will admit to being utterly amused by the female body shaping function in SC. Nothing changes but the size of the charecter's boobs. If there is any lag, its nothing, nothing, nothing...BOING! Doesn't get old.

All this has lead me wanting to cosplay many more charecters. Currently on the list are Amy, Ashlotte, Shura, Ivy's ulternative, and maybe Cassandra as well. Ashlotte would be awsome to pull off, but much hard work.

Joe has been making hot goth chicks. He's got a talent for it.
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Finally got round to playing this at James' the other night. I didn't try many charecters becuase was utterly hooked on Raphael. (Pretentious sword fighter with a taste for bat jewellery, yes please!) I'm not that keen on fighting games, but I'm almost tempted to pick it up for the charecter creation system, which is so versatile it may well make up for my lack of ability to draw. We watched James create Bobobo from scratch and he was pretty close.

I now want to cosplay Amy, Sura and the clockwork maid thing (forgotten her name). The last one would be awesome to pull off, but a very big project.

Finally, forgot to mention the restraunt on Satuday is bring your own drinks.
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Is anyone actually going and liely to be there on Friday night so I can say hello?
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Firstly, someone needs to cosplay Max Galactica from the second Phoneix Wright game. NEEEEDS I say!

Yes, my copy of Justice for All turned up recently and I'm nearly 3/4 of the way though. I'm not quite sure what is going on at the circus, but I think I know who the murderer is at least. I'm not terribly impressed with the bit where you interrogate the clown: If the clown puns, I get punished? That's not justice!

Cosplay )

Birthday and gifts )

I'll put some Longleat pictures up shortly.
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I don't think I popped this in the last post, but it's be being cute again. I got Mary to film me walking around the cosplay room, so I could see what it looked like.

You might have noticed I have a new icon too. It's not nearly as good as the ones [ profile] marmaladecat has made for me, but it does. Normally, I don't really like icons of people. I enjoy looking at people's icons, and I'd much rather see something pretty or funny, than a bad picture of someone on holiday or similar. Cosplay pictures are a bit different though, as are macro-ed photos.

The point of that ramble was that I really wanted an icon of Sora, because he's the first cosplay I've done that I'm really proud of. Don't get me wrong, I've done some good cosplays previously, but this is the first one that I've looked at and gone, "YES!". (Part of this may be the fact that I had no idea what it all looked like before I saw the photos.) I'm still thinking of ways to improve him, but that's cosplay.

Is it wrong that I'm really tempted to do Simba? And no, I'm still not a furry.
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Warning, longpost will be long and contain many photos. Enter at your peril!

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

On Monday I was lucky enough to catch up with a few people in the canteen, so got to say "see you next time" all over again. In short, the con was fantastic, the cosplay was awe inspiring and the people were amazing. I don't think I would have enjoyed myself if I hadn't had so many lovely people to hang around with and keep me company. So massive hugs to:
James: Mr Cosplay and Captain Birdseye, and lovely Lunar-Kitten;
Lou, Beks and Mary;
The wee scottish princesses Eli and Angela;
Karen (sorry I missed your workshop!);
Anette and Phil;
Kat and Amy-Lou;
Amber and Mike;

I'm sure I've forgotten people (it's due to tiredness, not because I don't love you, promise).

Hopefully I'll catch up with you soon. I'll probably go to expo, and we have our tickets to the Cosplay Ball. Joe and I are planning to make a weekend of it so I'd love it if people fancied joining us. It would be nice to co ordinate a big group, stay in the same hotel and then go and do things like shopping, karaoke and eating yummy food before hand.
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When nose and eyes are streaming due to allergies, "Defying Gravity" is possibly not the best thing to be listening to. (It makes me cry, muchly). So I'm taking a break from the room of death at the moment.

Still, solved a problem with Ivy that had been bugging me, so that's all good. Apart from the shouldergard, which I still haven't sorted the mounting out. Because it scares me.

Also I haven't posted any progress pics, and now there's not much point as you'll see the costumes in a couple of days, but I couldn't resist this one:


It's a stack o' paws. I took it to see if I needed to put any detail on them, or whether the paw bits came out well enough as they were. What do people think?

On Films

Aug. 4th, 2008 06:59 am
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I went to the cinema twice last week, which is more than I usually do in a year. You don't need my recommendation to see Batman. It's just as good as everyone says it is. Stop resisting. The other film we saw was Wall.E, and that doesn't seem to have been hyped so much.

Go see it, it's very, very good.

I like Pixar films anyway, but this was one of the best. Synopsis? The bastard offspring of Johnny-5 and a cardboard box is left on Earth for 700 years to clean up,and after this time isn't quite right in the head. He has a pet cockroach and his greatest wish is to hold someone's hand.

It's very sweet, the robots are adorable. But's not just sweet and funny. The underlying plot is both powerful and dark. Someone said they didn't think they pushed the enviromental message too much. I disagree, I think they would have had to try very hard to make it any less subtle. But it doesn't come across as preachy, so much as fatalistic. It's not "pollution is bad mmkay", as these sort of things often are. It's more "this is who you are, this is what you do. Look at where you are going." And it has very loud anti-corperation message, which is quite odd for a Disney film.

On a cosplay note, I think I can get everything done. I have today at work, then the rest of the week off. I'm hoping to finish the new costumes tomorrow, and have wednesday for checking over the couple of rewears I want to take. I have walked about in Sora's feet, and I can walk quite easily. I don't think I'll be able to scamper, and I haven't tried stairs yet.

Looking out the window, is anyone else converned that Amecon may well be ame-con?
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There's sewing to be done!

Garden )

Cosplay )

Work and Bondage Monkey )

D&D )

Quote of the evening by Marcus (not Esselt) was:
"I like bananas; I like breasts; I like milk. It's like the holy trinity."
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If I wasn't hideously allergic to my costume.

I've suffering from much sneezing and runny nose recently. It feels like a cold brewing, but never gets there. In fact I generally feel much better at work. It's only after I've been working in the cosplay room for a while, especially on Sora....

Penny drops.
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I did some!

Rozy is now trimmed up, except for the bow-o-doom and the one at the front that I misstitched and have to reattache. Sora now has twp legs, both padded out with foam and looking like I want them. This is going to be cosplay of hot, and not not in the girly sense! I'm a little concerned I'm going to run out of fur, as I have no idea how to get to the shop I bought it from. Still, this gives me an excuse to seek out Mike and Amber, (though very little time to do it in).

Adel's trousers are going well. There are times whern being dyslexic sucks hairy balls, and there are times when it rocks. Being able to model, rotate and disemble t3-D shapes in my heads without refernce is a good thing! Have to get the collar on, which is likely to be harder. And buy a new wig, as the one I ordered is the wrong colour.

D&D tonight. At work we were down to two and a half competent people. This sucks.
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I exist! I swear. I've been desperately struggling to get Ivy done in time for Expo. Istill not convinced I'll get everything done, but I'm working hard. Gambatte Ailsa-chan! I'vy is coming together, and while I don't think I'll win, (boobs aside), she is coming together quite nicely. Like Fran, I suspect she will be a cosplay of heaven and hell (though so far seems much more comfortable than Fran!)

Ivy constuction pictures and commentary below )

Spent a wonderful evening yesterday with Joe and [personal profile] marmaladecat watching a fantastic thunderstorm that seemed to settle over the hills just behind the house. There was pouring rain, long rolling thunder and beautiful white forked lightening. I love thunderstorms, but I have a habit of sleeping through them :) We also watched the first 7 episodes of RahXehpon, and I'd forgotten just how interesting and well put together the series was (I've seen it before, but it was a few years ago now and shown at an all night session, so I missed a lot of the ending).
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I'm making solid progress with Ivy - I just hope it's fast enough! Currently, I'm applying the gold trim to the purple spandex. I couldn't find any suitable in Bristol or Bath, so ended up making my own out of gold fabric. I foudn gold fabric easy enough, but was faced with the dilemma of stretchy fabric that was the wrong shade, or non-stretch fabric in a better colour. I went with the non stretch, which is working fine, other than I need to be in the costume to pin it on. Queue spending most of the time stripping, changing into Icy, pinnning and then carefully removing Ivy top to start sewing.

Once the top and leggings are trimmed, I will need my plastic to turn up. I've found a site that sells pellets of low temperature thermosetplastic - stick it in 60-70 degree water, then take out and shape. I can't think what else I'd be able to use for Ivy's armour if I didn't have this - I just hope it all goes to plan. After that - it's shoes. I think my best bet is dismantal an old pair of boots adn build up from there.

In other news, we now have Rachael living with us. She bought us Chinese takeaway and we manged to make it last 3 meals! Nom nom nom.
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Was reading the column in Neo about the up-coming Soul Calibur competition. Am screwed.

" will be judged on the accuracy of your costume, how impressive and technical it is, and finally how much you look like the charecter."

Gonna need some bigger boobs here!

Oh well, it wasn't a PS3.


Apr. 15th, 2008 08:23 am
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Looks like this Saturday (19th) is going to be Bristol shopping trip. Meet here at 11.00 to aim for Bristol between 11.30 and 12.00? Let me know if you are coming. I'll poke some of the cosplayers in Bristol to see if we can coax them out of their shells.

Also, D&D this week? (Alex, I don't seem to have your correct email address, so let me know.)


Apr. 5th, 2008 11:24 pm
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Today was day of making bows. I have the three gold bows done for Rozy's dress, but unfortunately do not have enough red satin left to make the massive bow at the back yet. (So, who's up for Bristol?)

Made jewels out of fimo, and then painted them with nail-polish. They look quite good I think. Progess pictures can be found here:
Progress shots )
Only had a three day week this week and work was nice and unstressed, but even still: please to be listening to me when I introduce myself: Hello, IT Ailsa speaking. Not many words. Do not respond in the following ways:

- Is this IT?
- It's whooooo?
- Hello Alison / Alisha / Elsbeth / Elsie
(Especially not Elsie. I'm not 60!)

And grown men who say "you know?" at the end of every sentence really irritate me. It's bad enough coming out of the mouths of dumb blonde teenage girls, but you really ought to know better.
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I would like to annouce that not only have I had the longest sleeves at the cosplay ball, soon I will have the largest arse!

I was trying on Rozy's dress last night with the petticoat. It does indeed make my arse very large. I'd I don't think the skirts hang out enough yet, so I'm off to buy more tulle. I'd also like to point out that there is no way Ivy fights in that costume, unless it's painted on.


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