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I am allergic to fibre shedding. Thus things made with fur or velvet get right up my nose. Guess what all the current cosplays are made of...

Pretty fabric is pretty, but should be left alone until earlier costumes are complete.

I've been distracted by Tales of the World recently, but getting my ass handed to me by Lloyd and then Reid made me retreat to the cosplay room. Instead of working on Amy, who is for May Expo, I instead decided to cut up my velvet from Shepards Bush and make a start on Steampunk Zephyr and Amari. Amari is going well, I've just got to hem the jacket, and I've made a start on the underbodice. I still need to find some two-tone taffeta that I like. I managed to fail to buy enough blue velvet for the frock coat, so I'll have to look to making cuffs and cape out of a different colour.

Mike's party on Saturday was awesome, though it did feel very much like being 18 again: the music, the location, the atmosphere was just as I remembered. Didn't really like most of the music, but I was in the mood for dancing, so I did. The Bon Jovi set was good, though. Also good to see Lex, Jake, Kaka and Nia again.

On that note, can anyone put me and Joe up in London, on Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th of May? We'd love to go to Nia's party, but we fly in from Iceland on the Friday. I don't think we'd cope well with going back to Bath, then back to London, but if someone had a floor to lend us, we'd definitely be up for it.


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