Jul. 21st, 2009

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Firstly - Steam in a bottle.

Tab has been kind enough to build me a little steam generator for the violin. It's even better than I could have imagined, and the video doesn't do it justice. My camera's not the best for filming, and unfortunately I jumped quite violently when it went off! If you want steam for any costumes, or just for an exciting household decoration, talk to Tab. It's a Good Idea.

Someone at work found this. Just watch and be amazed by the power of Extreme Sheep-Herding. You will not be disappointed.

Longleat was good, if wet. I got to hold a tarantula, finally, and a Royal Python. The tarantula was lighter than I expected, and quite soft. The snakes were adorable, very active and interested in exploring. There are also porcupines, which are much cuter than you'd expect.

Also, we've pretty much gone through most tracks on World Tour, at least in the main game. We've even unlocked Tool ($8000?!!??), though the second track almost killed me. I was in terrible pain from about half way though, something about the strumming pattern just cramped up my arm, but I couldn't stop. You don't stop the rock unless your arm falls off. Oddly enough, the third track was fine.

I've been working my way through GHIII, largely because I wanted to play Knights of Cydonia by Muse. Having found it and played it once, I think I'll stick to just listening to it. There's something particularly horrible about murdering a song you love. Also - guitar battles? What's with that. I'm quite happy to accept that Slash is a better guitarist than me, I really don't need to go though frantic guitar mastibation to prove a point.


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