Jan. 23rd, 2009

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So, having fought some of the Zompocalpse and faced the even scarier situation of Esselt loose in a camp with Amari, the party made their way to the capital. There, Charles was disappointed to find the heads of his enemies already on poles outside the gates; the zombie army was firmly encamped in the city and the queen was outside. Esselt discovered that zombies are not like pages, and squires are like pages. The party is praying he never hears about ladies in waiting.

The queen had recieved a message from her husband saying that he taken back her city as a wedding present and was waiting in the castle for her. The party decided they better check it out first. Michael seemed very proud of his new toy, and explained he had got the power by going to the Sithi lands and picking up some of their artifacts, now that they were no longer around to stop anyone. Bandez nearly choked on his beard.

Turns out that the Sithi started worshiping a god of death as their culture and people were dying, and that's what's powering Michael's new army. Dutifully, they report back to the queen who tells them that she's going to take up Michael's offer and go and live with him, as no one else was likely to be able to get close to him to stand a chance of finding any artifacts he might have on him.

That was last week's session and was slightly (more) surreal as all the bright ideas and thoughtful insight came from Charles and Esselt, while Bandez and Talia, the usual party brains, were left two steps behind. Nobody was terribly happy with the situation, but recognised the queen was rights, so they set off to find the mother church and see if they could learn anything that might assist.

Most of this weeks session invovled planning their expedition, what they should be disguised as (not a page!); what to say to any priests/ paladins etc. They did stop off in the resistance camp. The resistance aren't terribly sure who they are resisting at the moment, as technically the country is ruled by two people who don't have a problem with music and have an army of zombies to back them up. However the army of zombies is capable of chewing anyone's face off, so they're being cautious.

Bandez was reminded that instilling your morals and values in your companions is never easy, and that shades of grey are completely wasted on some people. Esselt slept in Talia's parent's house, got baracaded in, escaped with the aid of her mother's bra and broke a tooth on a stone painted like a pastry. So he got off lightly.


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