Nov. 17th, 2008

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Lovely Leena organised a surprise birthday meal for James on saturday, as he's all booked up before his birthday. So we grabbed a car full of people, headed down to Chippenham and met up with Mike and Amber. We were slightly concerned that James would spot either our car (which he's travelled in a lot) or Mike's classic beetle. Fortunately he didn't as the fact that he was able to scan the room and still miss us all shows he really wasn't expecting it :)

It was really good that so many of us had got there on time and were waiting in the pub for him, I really wish I'd managed to catch his expression on camera.

The food wasn't great quality, but it was cheap hot and tasted good, which was what we needed. Then we came back to drink Dr Pepper and have Warren run around the flat looking at swords and cosplay with a face like a toddler in a toystore. It was good to catch up with Mike and Amber again - hope you managed to get home okay!

Cosplay ball progess happens, probably not as fast as I need it too, but I'm not too worried. I'm not doing turn up cuffs again, especially with a pattern that doesn't tell you how to finish them off properly.

Went to Cornwall last weekend, managed to avoide most of the bad weather. Eden project was pretty cool, but lacked as much botanical information as I thought it should have. I only found one lizard too. Also we found otters... )


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