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And other cosplay stories.

Aya is on Friday. Before today, I was panicking. I even had a dream about everything going wrong. I had to work yesterday (because I was down to work the Aya weekend and this was the only one I could swap to) and had a to-do list as long as a very long thing. But today, despite having not enought sleep, I feel more confident. Cosplauy rundown and progress pics under the cut.

Is pretty much done. I finished off the jacket (it should have more embroidery, but I didn't have the time, and to be honest I'm not sure I need it. Everything still fits which is always good, though if the weather is warm those chaps are going to be fun. Big success of the weekend was getting the crossbow done.


It needs a different arrow head as the current one is too big and the sight added on, but other than that it's all done unless I have the time to put some more decoration on.I was worried that I wouldn't get any weapons done, which would have been wrong. She should have twin pistols, but I'm not too fussed about that as they'd be largely hidden by the skirt anyway.

Last issue is too decide if I want to put the wig up or down. It's currently in a braid to keep it tidy, but I can't decide if I should leave it that way or not. I probably won't decide until the day.


I need to do a fitting with Joe for the whole costume, but most bits have been tried on individually, so i'm fairly confident that there shouldn't be too much work left. I have to tidy up the waistcoat embroidery, and make sure the frock coat still hangs properly, but I'm confident about the shirt, hat and trousers.

The violin is finished - almost. I need to sort out the volume gauge and stick back on the exaust pipes that fell off when I went to take a photo!


I need to make a little bag for the violin oil, and then he's done.


Was my biggest worry. The zip had broken, so I had to put a new one in, only I didn't think it would fit through the machine. Fortunately it did, which saved me a big job. The head is now complete, and looking very snarly. Kirara is not a cute cuddly cosplay. She will eat your face.


Need to finish the feet, as the took longer to dry that expected. I need to work on the body padding as well, to make sure the shape is okay. Then attach the tails.


Amy is now my biggest problem. I cannot get the wig to work, even as I had it before. I've been trying to put a frame in to hold the curls, but it's just not working. I'm a bit concerned I'll damage the wig beyond use if I carry on with trial and error.

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