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When reading about the MP expenses, that they sound like a bunch of roleplayers who have been caught twinking? Twinking, for those on my friend's list who are not roleplayers (there might be some) is doing something in the letter of the rules, but not necessarily the spirit of the rules that gives you a major advantage above other charecters your level (usually in battle). See, for example, the spiked chain, whoes twinkiness when combined with the right feats is demonstrated in Order of the Stick:

There tend to be two sorts of twink: some are absolutely unashamed about it. Others will tend to act outraged that you'd suggest such a thing and refute the accusation with such lines as:
"I'm not a twink, because if I was I would have made myself even harder!"
"I'm not a twink, because everyone else is doing it!"
"I'm not a twink, because it's in the rules!"

Sound familiar to anyone else?

Also in the news:
This made me laugh -
The Guardian hosts a question and answer forum for Neal's Yard Remedies, which is quickly jumped on by a group of psuedosciece haters and some very tough questions left, like "How do you validate the medical efficacy of your 'remedies'?" and "Influenza Ainsworth Homoeopathic Remedy - Your website sells this product. What evidence do you have that this product is of any benefit whatsoever? Did you know people die of flu?" Neal's Yard ended up not answering any questions.


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