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So very tired, but it was actually a very good weekend. There was still lots of work, lots of stress and I couldn't stand by Sunday evening, but it was rewarding work and there was plenty of fun involved too. Be warned, rambly post is rambly. Coherent thought patterns have not emerged yet.

Thursday night Joe and I were up far, far too late finishing off Kermit for the masquerade. All things considered, I think it worked pretty well (Nert has some nice pictures of Kermit and Beaker on stage). The head needs taking in a bit at the front, but other than that, it held it's shape pretty well.

Got to expo about 2.00 on Friday, after a minor wrong turn, parked up and headed in. We had tables this time, lots of them, which was great. (Catching my finger in one and giving myself a massive blood blister not so good. There was more space around the desk, and we had a nice area at the back for queueing and judging, which was great. After that it was off to Foxes for some happy hour coctails and paperwork. James was not impressed when I walked back with half a fruit salad in mine, whereas he has nothing in his. Met up with MattDarkZero and Lulu Rose, while on the other couch Tony Lee was working his way through the cocktail menu. Had dinner in the Ibis bar, and were joined by various people throughout the evening, including Kazz and Uber-nerd, so much hilarity was had.

Got up and had breakfast, which was much better than last year because a) they had waffles and b) the staff were actually polite and friendly, rather than bitchy. I had slight problems getting into the expo hall, as no one seemed to know where the door in was. Aquired a Nert on the way, and eventually we were rescued by Joe and let in. Saturday I was wearing Amy. Unfortunately one of the curls on the wig fell out before I could get the thing on my head.

The masquerade was extended on Saturday this year due to the incredible time in which it filled up. 20 minutes, seriously people! This meant we had less space for the audience (as there were going to be more cosplayers in the hall) which meant we sold out of tickets even faster than normal. Lots of people were disappointed, but most of them were okay about it. That said, if we have big signs up saying no more tickets, you've quite clear read the sign, don't keep asking us if we have more tickets. Also, do not lie to me and tell me you've made your costume when you are clearly working around in store-bought jeans and t-shirt. If you really had the skills and equipment to make trousers like that, you'd have made something a bit more impressive.

Even with the extra places, the masqurade queue seemed more calm this year. The extra space helped massively, as did the fact that we had chairs for everyone. We had good people running the backspace, so no one was given the wrong information, or split up from their group, so there was no panicing about that sort of thing. Plenty of people were nervous, but that's easily countered by some praise and a hug.

Cosplay was epic this year. There were some absolutely fantastic costumes this year. I really don't evny the judges their jobs, but I think they made the right decisions. Having experienced cosplay judges is invaluble, as is the time they put in to judge everyone and we're eternally greatful to them. Amusingly on Sunday, we managed to get Dez, Kez and Kazz as judges. I failed to take any pictures at expo, except a few of Bumblebee and a video of Christian's interpretation of Transformers.

Had dinner with Lex a couple of her friends, at the chinese in Custom House (which I completely forgot existed so we were looking around the one by the excel centre), and them back to the Ibis bar. We had couches this time, which was good, as we were all fairly sleepy (though still stayed up until midnight).

Sunday was much quieter and easier to deal with. I don't know what the difference in people was, but it seemed so much emptier in the hall. Didn't lower the level of cosplay in the slightest, and I think there was possibly even a greater variety of sources this time. It was good to see so many FFIX cosplays this weekend, as that game is under-represented and appriciated in my opinion. The Trance Kuja was amazing and very clever. The Gormangast sisters (not something I expected to see cosplayed, I will admit) were also fantastic, with beautiful, immaculate dresses. I suspect there was very little between first and second that day.

Finally, we ended up in the Italian restraunt for a last meal with about 15 people, including Dez, Nert, Chevi, Darrin, Charlie and Charlie. Then another 15 people turned up, which meant saying goodbye was easier as almost everyone was in one place. There were many hugs! Didn't see enought of everyone, particularly Sean and co, and also Laura, but I did manage to get three packed evening with lots of others, which was good.

Memories of the weekend include

- Discussing the Chin of Italy
- Doing a double-take as someone with impressive facial hair comes up behind me, only to realise it's Annette.
- Theiving Darrin's chips
- Trying to get into Excel on Sunday and being told "You're not our cosplay staff." (They were quickly corrected)
- Discovering Minxie has the best chest for hugging
- James demonstrating to Jake that being tall is no excuse for not being able to dance.
- Timber's impression of a dying moth in the masquerade queue
- Tab's incressingly paniced face as various members of the group kept disappearing
- Being thanked by a Lulu cosplayer because she really enjoyed the masquerade.

I'm sure there was more, but I'm still really sleepy. I need to buy milk, tidy up the cosplay room, and sew things to other things. I wonder what I'll do first!

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Date: 2009-05-25 03:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
MUST SEE photos of Bumblebee! (weeps cause she couldn't go)

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Date: 2009-05-25 03:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I’ve done exactly the same thing with an evil folding table at Expo and resulting blood blister, you have my sympathy. At least mine wasn’t painful after the event, just looked impressively nasty.

Sounds like a good weekend was had, I’m looking forward to photos emerging!


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